SIREN: Blood Curse FAQ

SIREN: Blood Curse was released on the PSN Update just recently and with that has compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

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PoSTedUP3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

act 5 with the exorcist girls in the hospital is f****** heart pounding freaky yo.

especially when you run out of flares : O : O : O : O

i got to the roof and then they told me to go look for the key! i said: "f*** that!!" and "hell nah!" and "please no :,,, ("

siren blood curse is easily a scarier game than "most" of the resident evils and ALL of the silent hills (dunno bout homecoming though) or RE5.

skynidas3670d ago

LOL yeah that episode was really scary

Playstation Man3670d ago

And made sure to play it ALWAYS at night. Freaky, awesome survival horror game! Anyone that hasn't yet should pick this up! It is really, REALLY well made.

Cinos1233670d ago

How long would you say it took you to beat it? I'm interested in buying this game, but I like games that I don't beat in 2days.

dopeboimagic923670d ago

This article is a GREAT primer. The article is very well written and simple to understand.

smurfie43670d ago

Sol is the scariest shibito in the game. "Give me a big smile." 0_0 That part where he was running around the hospital was scary as f4ck. Its a scary game no doubt.

valis12123670d ago

I just stoke back the Mana Cross by throwing the flare into the well.

SPOILER BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Alright, how do I do past sight jackings? I got a phone call when they told you how and now I can't find how to do it. The shibito's just keep whining about the mana cross but how do I see past memories of theirs? Great game. Thanks for the help!

valis12123670d ago

Can one of you PM and tell me how to Past sight jack? I just stole the Mana Cross as Amana and am clueless as what to do next.