ARMA Tactics Rated for Xbox One

Ratings boards are prone to cock-ups from time to time and the latest slip is particularly interesting new for Xbox One owners. The PEGI ratings board has rated a game called ‘ARMA Tactics’ for the Xbox One.

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Xavior_Reigns1211d ago

"Because money," lol sorry I know but those who read it will get it. I've heard a bit about ARMA so that's pretty cool if true.

THC CELL1211d ago

Got terrible reviews 5/10 on steam alone

REDDURT1211d ago

Don't let reviews override your own judgement.

TheHaloGuy1211d ago

People said h1z1 was bad and I believed until I played. H1z1 and Witcher 3 are 2 of the best games I've played

spicelicka1211d ago

Wtf is this, i thought the actial FPS Arma game was coming until I googles Arma tactics. Not interested at all.

ocelot071211d ago

Couldn't get on with this. I would say I would like to see a Arma game come to consoles. But the arma games on PC are very unoptimized so I wouldn't dare to imagine how they would play on consoles. Am having a hard time wondering how DayZ is going to work/play on consoles.