Your Destiny Guardian will be with you for all ten years

Destiny is a game that will evolve over ten years - and players will be pleased to know that their Guardians will be with them until the end. There will be no need to switch characters between expansions or the inevitable sequel-style updates that will come over the coming decade.

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Sureshot1213d ago

Really? Pretty sure mines on a shelf at EBGames

Der_Kommandant1213d ago

You've earned your bubble good sir.

Eiyuuou1213d ago

Alright peeps, bubble this guy up!

Lord_Sloth1213d ago

Technically no since your character is server side. Your disc is on a shelf but your character is with Bungie.

BoNeSaW231212d ago

Really? Please explain more. Technically. -__-

Septic1212d ago

This is why you're not invited to parties!

LAWSON721213d ago

I could have swore it was on a server. This is not a DS game where your games are saved on a cartridge

Peace_Love_and_FPS1213d ago

The 3DS needs a memory card though...

joab7771213d ago

No worries. At some point, you will be able to accomplish what took everyone else 2 yrs in less than a month. Love mmo's. They always have to provide a quicker route for newer ppl.

Crazay1213d ago

HAH! Well played sir. I was going to say my guardian is going to pretty damn lonely without me being around to keep him company cause I shipped that dink off ages ago.

Thomaticus1212d ago

Damn! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ZaWarudo1213d ago

That's neat. I plan on buying the game when i get my PS4.

ThunderPulse1213d ago

Its a good game if you have all the DLC.

SolidGear31213d ago

Yeah I'm starting with the Legendary Edition that has everything :3

Halo2ODST21213d ago

Let me rephrase that for you:
It's a much better game if you have the DLC.
the point is, that even with the dlc, the game still has some core issues to work out. Gunplay may be great, But what about every other aspect?

OverdosedWitDopeness1212d ago

A little advice if u play lots of fps do not play COD or bf first!! Otherwise this game feels incredibly slow and sluggish in comparison, also u can't turn very fast for some reason. But once used to it there's great gameplay and pvp.

masterfox1213d ago

Cool I guess, will dust off my guardians when this game becomes interesting again.

paul-p19881213d ago

I doubt my guardians will be leaving the 1st game, especially after buying the season pass and now being told I need to pay extra to get the next DLC (Which, btw, is more than I actually paid for the base game!). The lack of base content and effectively hiding content behind the DLC paywall has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Annoyingly I did enjoy the game to start with, now it just collects dust on my virtual shelf lol

LAWSON721213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Yeah, meanwhile BF4 is like $10-15 and premium is $50.

I could say the same for so many games. If I recall WoW is $60 each expansion, yet I can spend much less like $80 for everything. DLC is expensive and Destiny is not so outrageous to the point where it deserves the attention.

A-stil_Tv1213d ago

No you can get the premium one with the all the dlc's on disc for like $25 to

Crazay1213d ago

Oooooorrr.... if you have EA Access it's free... And quite enjoyable in that for.

vickers5001212d ago


You sure about that?

Here's what results I get when searching for Battlefield 4 premium.

I have searched around, EA have NOT released a premium version of BF4 on disc, probably because they want people to pay the full 50 bucks for the premium service instead of waiting for a retailer deal where they can get the game and the service cheaper than what they're charging for the service now.

As for the EA access thing, that's only for Xbox.

Gohadouken1212d ago


no way , Wow first two expansions were around 20 at release .

And yes Destiny's dlc was more outrageous than the norm , or so similar it was underwhelming and pedestrian .

The Dark Below was essentially was you get in a COD dlc map pack ... Thankfully House of Wolves was better .

But it's no use saying that it was up to people's expecations nor better than the norm in dlc and expansions . For it's expectations , promises and the prices , so far it hasnt been

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jmc88881213d ago

Yea 10 seasons worth of paying for probably what amounts to two regular games content.

Still waiting for matchmaking. I'm not using a 3rd party website, when the game clearly has matchmaking. What an idiotic 'design decision'. No reason you can't initiate it with friends OR use matchmaking. It's not like they don't have matchmaking code in the game.

The other question is, with all the nerfs to the weapons you grind to get, and grind to get materials for, and grind to upgrade, what is the point? Anything good will be nerfed.

So much wrong with this game... and it's sad, it had promise, but they screwed it up, and continue to.

But there will be people who will jump through all the arbitrary hoops, and pay $500-1200 for 10 years worth content...which again, will probably amount to two...maybe three regular games' content.

I would say to each their own, but that's just plain highway robbery, so that saying doesn't really apply.

EDKICK1213d ago

It's not the worse thing that they screwed it up, its that they did it on purpose every backwards mechanic every stupid feature it's to help them hook people and make money and unfortunately it's working

LAWSON721213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Is there some sort of 'this is a full game' formula, what does it take to be two games? I am curious I ha e played games that are 2 hrs long, are those not games.

Meanwhile tons of people have over 100hrs into the game.

gamer91212d ago

Well the campaign is 15 hours and there is a major lack of story. If people are playing hundreds of hours that's their own issue and they need to go to rehab.

GameSpawn1213d ago

I can only defend the matchmaking argument IF matchmaking options allowed you to choose mics-only on certain content. I can assure you that ANY of the end-game content is nigh impossible without communication. Seriously, they have this stuff setup to really require some teamwork and communication.

Strikes are one thing and you can get away with no one uttering a single word, but the Raids and high leveled PoE's definitely require LOTS of communication between members. It sucks to have to use a 3rd party LFG site, but depending on where you are looking you may actually run into some REALLY nice people and REALLY good players. My friends list has grown SO much because of people I've met through LFGs that have been fun to play Destiny with and just talk to and BS around.

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