Dragon’s Dogma Online for PS4, PS3 and PC Gets a Brand New Trailer from Capcom

Capcom just released a brand new trailer of Dragon’s Dogma Online, that will hit the Japanese shelves on August 31st for PS4, PS3 and PC.

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camel_toad1210d ago

Confirm this for the west already ={

Lord_Sloth1210d ago

Well, on the plus side this is Capcom and not SEGA so the odds are decent we'll get it.

*shakes fist at PSO2*

FallenAngel19841210d ago

Not interested until it gets released internationally on all those platforms.

1210d ago
Sarick1210d ago

I loved the first one and the add on expansion. This game was just awesome once you got past the learning cap.

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The story is too old to be commented.