Why Star Wars Battlefront Won't be Battlefield in Space

Battlefield Hardline may have cruelly been criticised as a title that felt like cops and robbers-themed DLC for Battlefield 4 by certain segments of the fan base, but no-one should expect Star Wars Battlefront to play like Battlefield in space. Despite the shared developer (DICE), team-based multiplayer classification, as well as the combination of infantry and all manner of militarised vehicles, the two IPs are light-years apart in terms of all of the little nuances that define their respective gameplay loops.

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NiteX1208d ago

Because there's no space combat?

CorndogBurglar1208d ago

Lol i was thinking the same thing.

Its not Battlefield in space because its all ground combat.

venom061208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

its not "all ground combat" at all, but that the stupid EA hater thing to say, so i guess it's catchy. That's not the point of the article. The point is this is NOT Battlefield Star Wars, which is true. So many CoD fangirls were whining that they were scared it would Battlefield Star Wars and the article is dispelling those concerns. If the game is like the Alpha build, we're going to be in for a immersive Star Wars nerd treat.

showtimefolks1208d ago


brother they got the license last year and we are getting a game this year, they are only doing this because of the movie. game releases right before the movie than first dlc is launching hinges almost with the movie

it has less content than past star war games

I know my opinion won't be liked but if anyone expects this game to be a 9/10 than you will be disoppointed. this will get 6.5 to 7 from legit reviewers and maybe mid 8's from those who will be accepting checks from EA

this is battlefield skinned with star wars

the real star wars game will be released by the dead space studio with ammy henning

what's new EA milking the license and fans setting their hopes really high

BellePelouse1207d ago


They got the license in 2013 and 2 years is a good time to build a game if you already have the engine. I have played the aplha and was actually hoping for a star wars skinned battlefield, and I came out disapointed because this game has nothing to do in terms of gameplay with battlefield.

Its way more arcade than battlefield but I ended up playing the alpha more than I tough I would and I can say this game will be great if you only give it its chance

crazysammy1208d ago

Damn it came to say the same!

Iceman_Nightmare1208d ago

Because its basically Battlefield LOL

reallyNow1208d ago

Alternatively titled: Why I Will Not Be Buying Battlefront.

CorndogBurglar1208d ago actually want Battlefront to be a Battlefield clone?

venom061208d ago

if the launch game is ANYTHING like the Alpha, it's going to be an immersive, super fun experience.. Considering we've only see a small portion of the maps and modes, can't wait to live out my Star Wars fantasies on this one... Anyone that has actually played this (and not just watched someone aimlessly wonder around not knowing what they're doing) can easily see this is DEFINITELY not Battlefield Star Wars, but a more immersive Star Wars than anything.

CorndogBurglar1208d ago

I agree. Just watching the gameplay shown at E3 was enough to convince me it wasn't a BF clone. Which is great news. I can't wait.

I also thought it was cool how the rebel soldiers are made up of humans and a bunch of other alien races. Just something i noticed that was cool.

CorndogBurglar1208d ago

Just replying to your above comment to me.

They have said there won't be any space battles. So aside from flying an X-Wing, Tie Fighter, or any other air vehicle during a ground mission, please help me understand how this is not all ground combat? (If there is a stage that takes place on a Star Destroyer in orbit, or on the Death Star, I would still consider that ground combat.)

Also, I'm not an EA hater. I was simply making a sarcastic remark about the title of this article. I'm very excited for this game and can't wait to play it, as you can tell by my other comment to you.

Chaosdreams1208d ago

lols...sort of need space combat first.

But you know, this is Ground Wars and all that jazz.

LAWSON721207d ago

Just a thought but I would not be surprised if air superiority is copied and just becomes a space battle dlc