This Guy Fools the Enemy Team in All Chat to Win a Lost Game

How do you feel when you’re the only one alive in your team left to defend against 5 champions and all inhibitors and turrets are down? It’s basically a lost game. There’s no way you can win this. Even pros can’t defend this.

Well not if you know how to use mind games. This is how the Gangplank player used a “taunt” to win a game.

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DiscoKid1210d ago

Why did this video make my cry with laughter? rofl...

nidhogg1210d ago

They lost but they're all good. In their hearts, they won.

ninsigma1210d ago

Gonna be honest, I had no clue what was going on in that video so I can't even appreciate their efforts :(

jimmywolf1209d ago

it a map in LOL each side has has 1 lane, 2 towers, then base + 2 towers, it fun map for quick brawls.

they got greedy all they had too do was destroy the base an they would win. he taunted them so they tried kill him, the base has a anti camp gun were if you're cornered at spawn it will shoot the enemy.

he used that too help wipe them while his team respawned, then they rushed their based burn it down for the win.

ninsigma1209d ago

Yeah I got none of that from that video xD
Sounds intense though! Thanks for the explanation :)

Dlacy13g1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago ) @jimmywolf thanks for the explanation that was helpful. The video sadly conveys none of that. No drama, no excitement....and most importantly no explanation of what was actually happening. That is 100% the main problem E-Sports has trying to get traction. Its confusing to the common person and we often are getting poor to no explanations about what is going on and the significance of what is happening as it happens. To me that was a video that spams some sentence with "DIVE" in it and then just a bunch of onscreen mayhem with no rime or reason as to what is happening.

Menkyo1209d ago

Wait so I had to read the chat window in this video to get the reason for the video? Thats retarded.

ocelot071209d ago

You know it did pop up all over the screen what the player said for a good few seconds right?

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