Hatoful Boyfriend Review: The Game Bolt

It’s a BIRD dating simulator! Repeat, a bird dating simulator! Or is it?

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MeteorPanda1211d ago

okay...why 9? it's an hour long on first playthrough, the sound is the same over and over...they're photo cuts of birds...not much else besides click and read novelization...

l love the game for what it is but really? a 9? what a slap to the face to so many developers...

ClockDownRMe1211d ago

I gave Hatoful Boyfriend a 9 because it's a visual novel, a visual novel with a great plot and interesting characters. It's harder to rate a visual novel because their isn't much in the way of gameplay or even a game. A 9 may be a bit much, but I feel that it well deserved for what it is.

MeteorPanda1211d ago

it has no voice, no animation, the game is really short for being a 'novel' it's not a novel however, it's meant to be a dating sim with a deep story after the original games done, it's a 9 is when you have no actual consistent form of rating and thus the rating has little credit. When you don't bring forth the cons towards this game you essentially have "l love this game! cause lol pigeons! 10/10 would bang!" as your review.

I get it, it is hard to review such an odd game but l feel as if we're throwing all these high numbers around that 6-8 scores feel as if they're bad. /sigh l miss a decade ago scoring system.

I give it a 7 at max, it does it's job seems content on not pushing outside the box (lol box...stupid BBL) in game story telling.

kraenk121211d ago

oh well...this know...your opinion.

MeteorPanda1210d ago

of course it is? where did l say the other person had to change their view? I am merely debating as to why and have brought up points as to why the 9 may be undeserving.

jznrpg1210d ago

I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would .I have finished 6 stories so far. It is funny, strange and sad . I give it an 8 , a little different music and voice would have been great for this.