Op-Ed: Metal Gear Solid and the progression of LGBT in pop-culture

Metal Gear Solid has been a leader in pushing to include the LGBT community in the gaming world. However one writer for Vice fears that if there is any truth to the theory that Quiet is Chico, the character will only play into the transphobic rhetoric of pop-culture. This is a look at how Hideo Kojima has introduced a verity of LGBT character to the gaming world and how several characters have become gay icons.

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stanr1212d ago

Normally I would have just gone into the comment section and rebutted the writers entire point, however as a long time fan of the series I felt that I had to write an actually opinion pointing out his fallacious fear over the series. If the theory is true then it could be assured that Quiet will break the stereotypes that has defined the transgender community. Yes I know some working on the game have denied the theory but come on this is a Kojima game.

assdan1212d ago

Exactly on both points. If quiet is indeed a transgender Chico, Kojima is going to do it well. They've never had annoying stereotypical portrayals of people that were LGB, and I wouldn't expect it to be any different for a transgender character, who has yet to appear in the series.
To the point about the denial, exactly, this is Kojima we're talking about. It's not like they haven't lied to us before, and about such a major plot point, it would make sense that they would deny the rumor to keep the story under wraps. Which as a whole so far, we really don't know all that much about the story. And to the main reason I believe that there's a good chance Quiet is Chico. If I remember correctly, Chico doesn't appear in any of the trailers so far, and the one that came out for e3 this year is likely that last or second to last trailer for the game. Why would such a major character not appear in any of the trailers? Unless he has and we don't know it yet. The only other possibility is if Chico died in the helicopter crash.

breakpad1212d ago (Edited 1212d ago )

i dont think (and i hope not ) that Quiet is a transgender Chico...Quiet is the only as it seems hot female in the game and Kojima always is a more traditional developer , having always a hot female presence in his games ...Kojima was always very subtle about these sexual orientation things (lgbt) to a point where some of these are considered contrary to some companies like EA where just shove gay characters to your throat depicting the straight ones as minority in options ...Kojima do it in a far more intelligent , humorous and subtlety way giving you the option to believe whatever you want for the char and Not forcing cringe and unaesthetic moments /characters in his games

ZaWarudo1212d ago

"I know the Major better than anyone else!"

assdan1212d ago

Random side note, I was always under the impression the Volgin was bisexual. Am I wrong on this? He seemed to show some form of sexual interest in Eve at least.

Revolver_X_1212d ago

Volgin was not gay or straight. Shows how much the writer paid attention. Even Eva says it. Volgin was a sadist. He is only interested in inflicting pain. Gender was not a part of it.

stanr1212d ago

Actually there has been some confusion about Volgin's sexual orientation. At first glance it appears that she may be bisexual, however his relationship with Eva is mostly about torturing her. Meanwhile his relationship with Raikov is more emotional and sexual based, hence it's mostly agreed upon that he is actually gay and not bisexual among gamers.