Apparently, Medieval-Themed Video Games ‘Legitimize’ ‘White Supremacy’

If you like playing medieval-themed video games, you might not be just some harmless nerd — you might be a nerd who is also kind of a white supremacist.
At least that’s the opinion of Victoria Cooper, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Leeds in England, who presented a paper titled “Playing Politics: Exploring Nationalism and Conservatism in Fantasy Video Games” at the International Medieval Congress earlier this month.

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stanr1234d ago

This is why gamers don't take the concerns of non-gamers seriously. What medieval / fantasy themed game has this researcher played were there is no diversity because I'm 100% sure there was diversity in the world of Skyrim and Warcraft.

Brewski0071234d ago

Medievil ps1? Sir Daniel Fortesque was the supreme palest overlord ! :p.

Srsly though, what a silly silly article, just another article looking to blow smoke. I suggest we boycott this with an appeal for a new Medievil game for ps4? :D

morganfell1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Actually the article isn't silly. The article is pointing out the idiocy of the claim by Cooper. The woman that wrote the article isn't a gamer and even she finds the conclusions of the paper from Victoria Cooper, supposed PHD from the University of Leeds to be moronic.

mechlord1234d ago

I love MK, have always played asKung Lao and and i'm black. what does that make me?

Angeljuice1234d ago

You must be a white supremist hateful racist scumbag!!!

Sorry to break it to you like this, now you must remember to hate yourself and your family when you wake up tomorrow morning.

It must be hard discovering this fact late on in life, but now you know you should probably join the KKK and punch yourself in the face whenever you get the chance.

I don't know why I'm helping you, I hate racist scum like you./s

eyeDEVOUR1234d ago

This is why people need to be educated about human evolution... Humans originated in Africa and the only difference is created by geological and climate factors.

crazychris41241234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Its always the people with the Ph.D's that say the most retarded stuff. Guess this person never played skyrim where you could be anyone from a black women to a lizardman and everything in between. SJWs are just the worst.

Bigpappy1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

The Elder Scrolls handle racism, classism and politics really well. I just wish they will go back to non-auto-leveling of NPC's. Also go back to rewarding exploration with unique weapons and armor.

GreetingsfromCanada1234d ago

I didn't know I, an Indian dude, was enabling white supremacy.

jackwei221234d ago

So whats next ban medieval era influenced games oh just keep politics out of gaming lady as you're making us wonder how you got that PhD in the first place.

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The story is too old to be commented.