Xbox Live Currently Down on Xbox One, 360 and Windows 10, With Many Users Unable to Login

Xbox Live is currently experiencing issues on all platforms, including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows 10, as you can see in the surge of reports on DownDetector.


Services are going back up. Logins are restored (albeit a bit shaky and slow), but some social features and pins are still down.

Update: services are back up on our end. Even if a bit slow.

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Rimeskeem1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

seems now a days no online network is safe. Even if you pay for it, it never seems to work 100% of the time. But this is what happens to online networks, the people who believe online networks should never go down are ridiculous imo.

also in case people dont believe this,

coolbeans1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

"Could it be the same people as the Steam hack?"

It's possible.

It just happened with me too. Everything worked well while watching a movie + some youtube vids and then...*snap* lose connection.

Rimeskeem1151d ago

currently not at home so i wouldnt know, sorry i took that part out of my comment, decided it wasnt necessary.

UltimateMaster1151d ago

This sucks for Xbox gamers.
These type of things should not happen at all, it's just not fun for anyone.

d0x3601151d ago

Wow another one. DOWN DOESNT MEAN HACK OR ATTACK. It means down. It could be 1000 different things. It could be them updating something and it didn't go smoothly it could be ANYTHING

Septic1151d ago

Happened to me earlier. Serious p*** take. My mates were round too.

coolbeans1151d ago


"DOWN DOESNT MEAN HACK OR ATTACK. It means down. It could be 1000 different things."

True. Bear in mind, I just said it was only possible. But this seems to be a different scenario altogether since I'm back playing online already (about an hour ago).

miyamoto1151d ago

imagine if your console needs to be #always online for it to work....

freshslicepizza1150d ago

the way you can tell how good a service is by how quickly they can resolve the issue.

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WowSoChill1151d ago

I'm still signed in but i'm afraid to sign out lol

WowSoChill1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Wow within a hour the Service is already coming back online, incredible, didn't even deserve a article

@Avernus, i meant within a Hour since the Article was posted, 2 hours still aint that bad compared to what it could of been

Avernus1151d ago


The service has been down / limited for over 2 hours now...just saying.

Gority1151d ago

@wow yeah bc the author could have predicted the length of downtime

d0x3601151d ago

Safe? Down doesn't mean it was caused by anyone sometimes services just go down. The fact that you instantly assume its the result of an attack shows how much nonsense hysteria the press and twitter cause

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Locknuts1150d ago

I don't believe online networks should never go down, but I also don't believe that people should have to pay for them, ESPECIALLY due to the fact that there are no guarantees that you will even get what you pay for.

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aceitman1151d ago ShowReplies(1)
slappy5081151d ago

It's down for me, was unable to get into Neverwinter :|

daBUSHwhaka1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Friends unavailable,achievements unavailable,activity feed unavailable.leaderboards unavailable.This surely has to come to an end at some point.Xbox live I hate to say is becoming a piss poor service.Never a night goes by without something.What was once a sterling service is fading drastically.

WowSoChill1151d ago

Barely had any issues this Gen so far, i can look at my Achievements right now, if your signed in you can still play so chill

JasonBloodbourne1151d ago

Remember the original Xbox live back in the early noughties? That as far as I remember never went down, how could they keep that running 24/7 but can barely keep today's service going a full week without problems?

d0x3601151d ago

Aside from the fact that Xbox live is rarely down modern xbl and old xbl share nothing in common. First off the user base is now massive. Most importantly do you have any idea how much bandwidth they use? All those media files alone running through the service... It's insane.

As for it being down right now...not a big deal. It isn't down everywhere. It's not down for me and I'm in the USA plus its coming back up for those having issues. They probably were updating something and things went screwy it happens

Gority1151d ago

@d0x360 if you think MS does maintenance on a production system without a maintenance window you are crazy. That being said... I'm not saying it was an attack.

Bzone241151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

"Never a night goes by without something".

Really? I'm on Xbox One every day. You are really making more out of this than what is there. If something is happening to you daily or nightly, it may be on your end.

Aren't you the same guy that was complaining about issues in a preview program? lol

daBUSHwhaka1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Yep your spot on.I am the same person that was complaining about the preview program.Don't get me wrong I'm not hating on MS or Xbox bud,i love it but im just not having a very good experience with the UI at the moment.So slow and far to often there is so much unavailable.I'm not saying that this is effecting everyone, but I'm having a hell of a time.I understand that MS is preparing for the new dash update but for it to have an effect like this for so long is outrageous.

NatFanBoyRestricted1150d ago

DaBush, try clearing your mac address in advanced settings in network, your system will reset after doing this. If you have external hard drive space, offload your games to it, leave the apps behind on the internal hard drive, and factory reset your xb in system settings. I saw your comments earlier on another article. I've gotten many friends into the preview program, but haven't had anyone yet with problems like yours. Is your Nat ever a issue? If certain things like friends list and achievements are slow and laggy, your DNS server the xbox uses might be a main issue, and not the preview program. And if not, your router also if it's not handling ports properly. I just factory reset my x1 2 weeks ago, and it was about the same speed, but have heard of them running better with less information on the internal hard drive. Usb3 external hard drive will also be quicker then an SATA 2 internal hard drive by the way. Pm after or reply here. Let me know what happens. And hope your hard wired and not connected via wifi

FallenAngel19841151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

So now that we're aware that XBL is currently having issues, are we going to get a boatload of articles demanding Microsoft improve their servers?


d0x3601151d ago

We will when it averages being down for 3 days a week every other week

KwietStorm1151d ago

Man you're in full defense mode for something that isn't a big deal. Relax.

triple_c1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Nope, when Xbox Live goes down it's "normal" but when PSN goes down it's World War 2.

Gotta love those double standards.

BLow1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

🙊🙊👌 28079;👏

Kribwalker1151d ago

Even though you are trolling I think it's really crappy they are down, and whith digital purchases and multiple xboxs in my house I have to play on my home Xbox in order to be able to play. It sucks and everyone needs to get better at preventing this crap

maniacmayhem1151d ago

And no sooner than we get you and others demanding some sort of media justice that an update is posted saying the service is up.

Maybe these types of news stories need to wait an hour instead of authors rushing to the net and posting "Service is down" as soon as a hiccup occurs.

JasonKCK1151d ago

Xbox Live and Steam go down, the difference is they don't go down not even half as much. Name one service that goes down more than PSN.

Black0ut1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Jason I'd just ignore him tbh. These people don't care, they just wanna use this as ammunition in their imaginary fanboy war.

Not worth the energy and to be frank It's pretty sad.

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