tri-Ace’s Mysterious New JRPG Will Feature Character Design by Former Konami LovePlus Artist

tri-Ace and Spike Chunsoft have been teasing a new JRPG lately, but while the team members revealed so far (Composer Motoi Sakuraba and Scenario Writer Masaki Norimoto) are names heavily tied with the developer’s name, the one revealed today is a surprise.

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SaveFerris1240d ago

Does this mean we can expect cute schoolgirls?

Abriael1240d ago

Probably we can expect cute girls, and boys. He also worked on Tokimemo Girl's side, which focuses on bishonen.

FallenAngel19841240d ago

Another day, another JRPG for PlayStation platforms

_-EDMIX-_1240d ago

Agreed. This is just surreal right now! I still can't believe all the JRPGs just getting announced day after day!


Tapani1240d ago

Oh noes... sounds bad. I don't like 2005 and onwards Japanese style of drawing anymore in entertainment products. Everything became too cute. It used to be relatively mature, deep and cool. Now it's just deep, but with little children. I'd like to have adult protagonists in Tri-Ace RPGs. Their lack of style and silly stories set me off. Radiata Stories and Star Ocean 2 were really good, though. Haven't tried Resonance of Fate yet, but I heard good things about it.

TFJWM1240d ago

Not sure what you are talking about there was this style back then as well, maybe you just didn't notice. Just as there are many now that are not "just deep, but with little children."

kingdomtriggers1240d ago

When several pioneers of the anime industry admit that the industry took a crap on itself in the last decade, yeah I'm gonna have to go with them. Having cutesy crap in anime was always there yeah, but now there is almost nothing but that crap.

Kalebninja1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

@kimgdom Yeah there are a few gems here and there but its mostly romantic comedy/ slice of loli.. Yes you read that right.

Viper71240d ago

But.. But I like this cute stuff!

There's still the more serious stuff as well, but you kinda have to look for it harder than before when it was the more dominant style.

They went the less serious cute route because the west is all about realistic and serious games.

Lord_Sloth1240d ago

Keep calm and read more Seinen.

tulholdren1240d ago

Yes more JRPG action loving Sony is bring the JRPG back into the light. Sony Goodness