Battlefield 4 player goes 114-0 on Siege of Shanghai (video)

A player managed to play the most impressive Battlefield 4 rounds ever.

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Rimeskeem1234d ago

Would have been more impressive if it were not in a tank

dericb111234d ago

I click on it thinking some guy went completely nuts. Saw the tank and read you comment. Don't even want to watch the video anymore.

Rimeskeem1234d ago

Don't get me wrong, the guys did a great job with collaboration and teamwork to stay alive but my god I've seen videos where there is a squad that can do the same thing these guys do except on foot.

crazychris41241234d ago

agreed. Just need dedicated repairmen, long rounds, morons on the other team and some luck. If I see someone raking up the kills on the other team then my squad will work together to try and hunt them down.

WellyUK1233d ago

he's on a team stack side and a side that has a lot more higher rank players on his side. Anyone can do well when it's like that which is why the game ends up 800-0 or something, this is BF4's problem atm all the good players go on one side and bad players on another...

sevilha821233d ago

I pressed The post thinking to myself"let me guess,The guy is inside a fucking tank"and saw your comment.

Yeah lost interesse imediatly...

WellyUK1233d ago

ah yes the "Vehicle whore" the bane of my BF life.

A-stil_Tv1233d ago

Tell me about it its like the equivalent to quickscopibg in cod and it drives me nuts that why when I play I play matches with now vehicles the yank whore kill my vibe

HaveAsandwich1233d ago

He's in a tank? No thanks.

Rimeskeem1233d ago

I'm not sure if you realize this but you missed the perfect opportunity for a glorious pun...

OT: yah in a tank the entire time

lvl_headed_gmr1233d ago

If you're not playing hardcore mode...then you're just not playing.

This is not impressive at all.

WellyUK1233d ago

Hardcore lol please thats where all the bad players go who want to OHK people with DMR's and snipers..

lvl_headed_gmr1232d ago

Hardcore mode is closer to real life action then any other mode available. People don't choose hardcore mode because it'd harder to play. You can just sit back and wait for people to mark enemies or see your ammo or when you die, see where you were shot from by outlining the enemy who killed also cand get 3rd person view while in vehicles.

It's called hardcore for a's becuase it's more true to the real thing.

Bolts1233d ago

OMG look at that frame rate. Silky smooth. That's what this generation should have been.

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BattleTorn1233d ago

He must've had one amazing gunner

finbars751233d ago

It's really hard to impressed with a guy hiding in a tanker especially on seige of all maps. Someone who is infantry doing that is more impressive. But even then I'm not blown away considering he's playing high tickets. God I went 98-12 on zavod normal tickets infantry but I don't post a video about it. Go watch brekk1e on twitch the guy usually goes over a 100kills easily on normal tickets infantry way more impressive watching someone like that then this. I'm not saying the guy us terrible but getting repped and having a gunner makes it much easier.

KwietStorm1233d ago

I agree with everyone saying 114-0 would have been more exciting/impressive/whatever if he were in foot, but I will never understand people who say some guy is a vehicle whore or "hiding" in a tank. It's freaking Battlefield. You don't hide in a ta k. You use it. It's a prevalent part of the battle.


It depends on how you play. Vehicles are supposed to do one thing in Battlefield: move the team ahead. If the guy take a tank and than proceed to run the map, getting kills and, probably most important, allowing infantry to move ahead by protecting said infantry to get M-Coms, Flags or what not, than it's not hiding, the vehicle is being used right.

But if the guy just take his tank behind some building far away to do nothing but take cheap shots into those actually fighting over the objective, than absolutely yes, he's hiding in that sardine can, or as I like to put it, he just made himself a target to any half decent squad on the other team.

Swiggins1233d ago

I would have been impressed if he were infantry, or hell, even a chopper pilot or something.

But going flawless in a tank is something almost anybody can do with a little coordiation and some luck.

dillhole1233d ago

I just hate it when I'm on a team against a tank ripping the crap out of everyone and no one seems to care about getting rid of it. All you need are 2 engies with RPGs and that tank is history, but everyone sits on a building and tries to snipe.

HaveAsandwich1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

thats every ps4 server, ever. everyone is camped on top of a building, staring down at it. I was playing a rush game last night, and my squad was 3 snipers, and me. I like the old saying PTFO or GTFO. Couldn't agree more.

A-stil_Tv1233d ago

That's because they dumbed down snipeing so that everybody could have try. That's why I don't play hardcore because 90% of the player sniping for that OHK thinking they're a beast lol some one is always guaranteed to ruin some aspect of the game

dillhole1232d ago

@astil420 Everyone can have a try but no one ever seems to hit you unless you're standing still. Just constantly hearing the sounds of bullets missing. It's pathetic. As soon as I get sniped, I switch classes and snipe them back because they are so easy to hit. It's a joke. They just stand still on the top of the buildings getting about 10-11 kills in the entire round.

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