“Supercharged” PS4 With 2 Terabyte Hard Disk Offered by GameStop

GameStop started selling PS4 consoles from its “premium refurbished” batch with a “supercharged” label and a 2 terabyte hard disk drive built in.

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Rimeskeem1236d ago

at 430$ it would be a solid price but at that price i still consider it a ripoff

Ripsta7th1236d ago

What is the price?
Dualshockers has the worst mobile site
I can only see half the article

UltimateMaster1236d ago

470$ is actually a great deal. A 1.5 TB HDD is over 100$ and the 2TB is significantly more expensive.
I would have bought this rather than a new one.

Abriael1236d ago

@UltimateMaster: you can easily find 2TB 2.5 HDDs for under 100 now.

HammadTheBeast1236d ago

That's not a terrible price considering you don't have to do the work. I personally wouldn't buy it, but I can see how it would appeal to someone.

UltimateMaster1236d ago

@Abriael Really? Well, I haven't checked prices in a while. I bought my 1.5TB before the PS4 came out and 2TB was kinda hard to find, except in Europe.

But yeah, if the price is under 100$, then yeah it is a rip off, especially since they only give you 200$ for your console anyway.

morganfell1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

Well Abriel, unless the very last update from Sony changed matters, I wouldn't be offering that advice. Anything above 2TB in the PS4 causes issues with Pause and Play. Basically you pause the system but when you try to resume from sleep mode the system acts as if you cut the power without fully shutting the system down. The PS4 can use larger HDDs, you just have to forego the ability to use that particular feature.

I think Jim Sterling mentioned this, oh wait...

pivotplease1236d ago

Seagate 2TB is sometimes 99 on Amazon. Meaning US can probably snag one for 70 or 80? This isn't a bad deal.

SilentNegotiator1235d ago

That price makes me suspect that they used a cheap HDD.

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C-H-E-F1236d ago

Still a good price my 2tb ran 100 so its still 20$ under market. Only thing is its used. Never buy a used console. Smh

Letthewookiewin1236d ago

Ya it's a rip at that price, but to someone who is afraid to do it (don't know why but there are plenty of people who are) it's a legitimate option.

rainslacker1236d ago

Considering what GS often does overcharge for some things, it's actually rather moderate for them. I wouldn't say a complete rip off. They're charging MSRP for the hard drive, which is higher than you can usually find them for, but more often than not going into a store, a 2TB drive like that would run $100-120. It's those that shop online for deals which routinely get them for around $70-80.

I mean, if one did it themselves they'd have a 500GB HD extra laying around....which makes a good back up, or could throw it into a laptop if you have one.

medman1236d ago

You're really not getting the benefits of hard drive replacement unless you're going to step up to SSD. The hybrid drives are ok, but their performance increase over stock is marginal, but if all you care about is the extra drive space, then I guess hybrid could be worth it for some.

arkard1236d ago

As far as the ps4 is concerned there is no reason to spend 150-300 to put a ssd in the ps4. Hybrids have been shown to be within seconds of a ssd in read and write speed. (again as far as ps4 is concerned) Your better off spending the money on a larger capacity drive (hybrid or regular)

frankiebeans1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

here is a trick people buy a external 2tb hdd and take it out of the inclosure like i did it works and its cheaper this is a really good deal get it now 75 BUCKS!!!.

List Price: $119.99
Price $75.62 Free Shipping for Prime Members
You Save: $44.37 (37%)

_-EDMIX-_1236d ago

Just a ripoff. I have a 1TB right now and it legit took me less the 12 minutes to install.

Easy, painless and much cheaper them Gamestop I assure you.

3-4-51235d ago

* How is it super charged ?

Are they talking about supercharging the money ?

Charge would indicate more power would it not ?

Yet it's not more's just more roomy.

ShiranaiJittai1235d ago (Edited 1235d ago )

What world do you live in where you think you can get over 3x the standard storage space for another 50 dollars? I could be wrong about this but at least when I last checked a used PS4 for 380? so for another 100 on top of that you get a 2 TB HDD instead? Keep in mind refurbished isn't used. You are far less likely to have an issue with a refurbished console then a used one. I used to work for Gamestop but never will again and frankly I don't buy any systems used ever unless they are discontinued or something but when taking in returns the amount of used system returns compared to refurbished system returns was night and day.

Refurbished basically means the warehouse took a defective system opened it up and replaced any parts that were broken or looked like they were about to break. This is an extreme example because we all know how bad the failure rate is on the 360 It really doesn't matter whether you have the older system or a slim. If you have the older system it's the fan, power brick or disk drive if you have the newer one it's the power brick.

9/10 chance a used system will eventually find its way back returned. probably about a 3 or 4 out of 10 chance a refurbished one would.

The only time I recommend getting a used system at all (of course this wasn't the case when I was working there just in my own personal opinion is if either

A. The system is discontinued and thus cannot be purchased new anymore in retail
B. Some kind of huge deal with multiple controllers and games and whatnot none of that get 4 5 dollar games nonsense though. I mean like when they bundle two practically brand new games and another controller for like another 20 bucks or something.
C. Both criteria

If you remember back when the PS3 and 360 first started offering expanded harddrives the price difference was 100 dollar difference for double the hdd space. This is 4 times the space standard has. so ya I would actually recommend it. IF you refuse to buy new I still recommend new for systems always.

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FallenAngel19841236d ago

They should sell cheap PS3's with 2TB already installed

nitus101236d ago

What on earth would you use a 2TB disk on a PS3 for unless it was to put on ripped movies. Streaming would be a much better solution. I have a 160GB PS3 and an original 60GB BC PS3 and well over 100 games and have never filled up my disks.

I won't deny that there are some games that do install many GB onto the disk but I don't have them nor am I interested in playing them.

Even though I don't have a PS4 yet for a variety of reasons and cost is not one of them I would be very tempted if the console came out with a 7200rpm drive preferably 1TB or more.

Note: The difference between a 7200rpm and 5400rmp drive is only a few dollars and you do get over 20% improvement in performance. As for SSD's well they are very fast however a 1TB SSD costs more than a PS4.

nunley331236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

If anyone has alot of Plus PS3 games then it would be useful. I still use my stock 250gb PS3 and i'm always deleting stuff for something else. 2TB drives are cheap enough to do this with a PS3 and PS4. 7200rpm drives produce more heat, but an SSHD is a good compromise.

_-EDMIX-_1236d ago

I agree that one doesn't really NEED to have 2 TBs, I have 1TB and its just fine for me as I just buy disk based and delete the install of games I'm done with, but I can see someone wanting a 2TB if they already have a solid digital collection.

Mind you, 2TB is not that much more money then 1TB now days.

I'm just waiting for higher space to come out with 2.5 HDDs to actually upgrade.

frankiebeans1235d ago

7200 rpm has little to no effect check the youtube speed comparisons on ps4 even ssd its not worth the extra money for 2-5 seconds faster

search youtube for ps4 hdd speed comparison

bradleejones1236d ago

Its a refurbished ps4.. I'd rather buy new and upgrade the hard drive myself. A 2 tb can't be but $100 or so... So that's not much savings considering its a previously broken unit...

ilikepizza1236d ago

gamestop has made a living off idiots and this no different. A refrub is $359 so youre buying a ps4 with isues that may have or may not been fixed properly and paying $120 for a 2tb drive. Maybe sony sees this and offers expandable external memory. I got a 2tb for $79 off amazon,plugs into the xbox hangs out behind under the tv stand and works fine,getting a 2nd xbox (forza 6 bundle) which comes with a 1 tb but its easy to swap and move games to both consoles this way.

Doodleburger1236d ago

Wait, so you're saying gamestop makes money off idiots, yet you're buying a second X1? Right.

LexHazard791236d ago

So buying another Xbox makes him an idiot. Or you jealous he can afford to? By the end of the yr I'll have three xbox ones in my home. Which makes me the King of Idiots!

MRMagoo1231236d ago


"Which makes me the King of Idiots!" well i want gonna be the one to say it so im glad you did.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1236d ago (Edited 1236d ago )

I can't stand gamestop man, I never ever do business with them if I can help it.

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