Driveclub’s New DLC Cars Showcased With Fantastic PS4 Screenshots and Trailers

Driveclub is getting a new DLC, the Horsepower Pack, on July 28th, and Evolution Studios released plenty screenshots and a few trailers showcasing some of the cars that we’ll get to drive.

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weirdo1213d ago

fxx k sounds delicious

Crazyglues1213d ago

Yeah it really does, can't wait to try it out Tuesday... :)

SuperStatePro1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Game looks beautiful, but the physics look off. The cars rotate around a center axis when they drift. It looks very artificial. On top of that, the GTR sounds different than it does in real life...

But I'm excited to try this as soon as I buy a ps4..

windblowsagain1213d ago

Love the game, but it needs more tracks.

crazychris41241213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Is it just me or does the Renault seem like a weird car for this pack? All of the other cars are supercars except for this one. Could have gone with the Aston Martin Vulcan that will be in the upcoming James Bond movie or some other supercar and save the Renault for a hatchback, Renault, or French car pack. Dont get me wrong, the car looks great and is fast, its just an odd choice for this pack.

Also there is a 5th car in the pack too, the Ferrari FXX Evoluzione. Im sure the video for that car will be out tomorrow then the pack comes out Tuesday. Interested in seeing what the future has in store for this game since they have said that they will turn this game into a service. More locations and themed car packs like classic muscle would be great.

reallyNow1213d ago

It's not weird. All of the cars in the pack are performance package variants."GTR", "Trophy-R", "Nismo", "K" I'm glad they added a new hot hatch. There aren't nearly enough of them. I'd like some more showings from Ford and Mazda, myself.

crazychris41241213d ago

Thats makes sense but still think they could have saved this for a hot hatch pack.

sprinterboy1213d ago

They'll save the Aston Martin new bond car for season pack 2 my friend.

taffi171213d ago

Love Driveclub. We just need some Mustangs and Ford GTs

Knushwood Butt1212d ago

I'd love to see some retro GT40s in there too.

Just daydreaming...

B_Rian891213d ago

Definitely need the new Mustang, since we have the Camaro, Challenger, and Charger. That way, we can have real proper pony/muscle car race.
I just wish they had added the newest models of the Challenger and Charger though, like they did with the Camaro

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