Penny Arcade Adventures could come to Wii, but storage solution is needed

The lack of a Wii HDD seems to be affecting a lot of people these days - Hardcore gamers, developers, and even casual gamers have begun to realize that 512 megabytes of flash memory simply is not enough storage for a convienent download experience. This applies to Vlad Ceraldi, the CEO of Hothead Games as well. Speaking with Kotaku, Mr. Ceraldi expressed that, although he would be very inclided to bring Penny Arcade Adventures to WiiWare, the idea won't be considered until Nintendo delivers a storage situation on Wii.

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perseus3499d ago

Did anyone other than Penny Arcade fanboys actually like this game?

ChickeyCantor3499d ago (Edited 3499d ago )

So one moron says something and they all think that?
What that guy said was contradicting to what Iwata said( or reggie).

So going to be an @ss about it is pointless.
( and that guy who said that can burn in a fire)