Project: Session Go Skate game Teaser 2015

In honor of the Go Skateboarding Day, we are proud to present to you the first official in-game teaser of our upcoming and first game, code named Project:Session.

Project:Session is a skateboarding game entirely focused on creativity and freedom of expression, nothing else! No turbo timer, gazillions of combo multipliers and shit.

This is skateboarding.

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SporadikStyles1211d ago (Edited 1211d ago )

This looks like the game I've been waiting for since Skate 3. Love this teaser, real hiphop sets a tone for vibe in the game and I haven't heard Shades in a while hopefully they can also work with some of the local graffiti writers in Montreal for in game art and walls etc.

FITgamer1211d ago

Definitely interested. Wish someone would make a decent BMX game though.

Scatpants1211d ago

Really hope this is a spiritual successor to the Skate series. Looks cool.

paul-p19881211d ago

The footage at the end looks really like Skate, let's hope it plays the same as it was easily the best skateboarding game.

Especially if the only alternative is that poor excuse for a Tony Hawk game coming out soon...

INTOmyMOUTH1211d ago

Poor excuse? Are you a genie? Do you know new Tony hawk is bad? Tell me more all wise, Paul.

paul-p19881211d ago

Watch the trailer, like most of us have, and see that it is a shadow of it's former self. It was meant to be a reboot of the classic Tony Hawks, instead it looks incredibly gimmicky with PS2 level graphics at best.

I understand Tony Hawk never had bleeding edge graphics, but it at least kept up with the times. Everything in the trailer is a big step backwards!

INTOmyMOUTH1208d ago

So you're just some dude. Gotcha

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