Halo: The Master Chief Collection's eSport Showing This Weekend Was a Technical Disaster

GameRevolution: "This weekend is a significant one for the Halo universe. The Season 2 Finals of the Halo Championship Series kicked off featuring some of the most skilled first-person shooter players in the world battling for their share of a $150,000 prize pool. While the event is supposed to celebrate the Halo universe, in the case of Halo: The Master Chief Collection it has done more harm than good."

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sammarshall1021214d ago

The Halo Master Chief collection has to have left a bit of a sour taste in Microsoft's mouth but I still enjoy it and it has come a long way

The 5 campaigns hardly have any issues at all which is a good thing

Halo2ODST21213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

"The 5 campaigns hardly have any issues at all which is a good thing"

I'm kinda getting sick of people who always try and downplay the severity of the issues the MCC had by purposely bringing up the campaign, as it was working, but you know damn well that this article does not talk about the Campaign, so that is the only logical reason why you mention it.
the Article talks about the Multiplayer issues encountered in the Esports tournament.
Also the Halo MCC does not have 5 campaigns. it has 4. you might say well everyone who got the game when it was broken got ODST, well they didn't the game was still somewhat broken for another 4 months. Many people who couldn't play multiplayer didn't get that compensation.

Also another issue you have to get into your head, Not everyone who plays Halo, or even games in general play campaign, the gaming community is very diverse, from fighting gamers, rpg, rts gamers, to FPS only gamers. what is so hard for the people like you who can't accept there are Multiplayer gamers out there as well. I 've seen people on N4g, just like yourself who don't give a damn about the many complaints the multiplayer community has about with the MCC, yet all you do is say, "THE CAMPAIHGN WORKED , WHO CARES ABOUT THE MULTOP;AYER, NO ONE EVEN PLAYS IT."

vickers5001213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

It's really not that big of a deal. Plus, I can give them a little slack, because as far as remastered collections go, the mcc is by FAR the most technically advanced and most ambitious. I can play a playlist of missions from each game, without quitting out of the game, then I can go straight to the multiplayer and play with 100s of maps across completely different games.

Lets compare that to something like Borderlands, where I have to close out the whole game entirely just to switch between only TWO games, don't even get bl1. Plus you have to reconfigure the settings for co op privacy each time you play. Oh, and those games are only remastered, where as halo 2 is a full blown remake, as is halo ce, though it is a remake from last gen, it still beats most other remastered collections by actually making major changes to the games it includes.

donthate1213d ago Show
Lev19031213d ago

Some people, like me, bought the game for the campaign and did not spend alot of time in the MP. So i think that SAMMARSHAL102 does not downplay the problem of the MP. He is just glad that the campaign did not have the same problem.

But yes, the MP was and is stil kinda a mess. Takes me almost 10 minutes to find a game when i try to find a game.

Badassbab1213d ago

Shame the frame rate sucks in some parts of the campaign. It should have been a near rock solid 1080/60.

Septic1213d ago

I'm kinda getting sick of people who always try and downplay the severity of the issues the MCC had by purposely bringing up the campaign, "

Really? Is that what sammarshall said? Beacause he said:

"The Halo Master Chief collection has to have left a bit of a sour taste in Microsoft's mouth but I still enjoy it and it has come a long way "

And he wasn't wrong when he said:

"The 5 campaigns hardly have any issues at all which is a good thing"

So why are you shedding tears for?

"Also another issue you have to get into your head, Not everyone who plays Halo, or even games in general play campaign"

What you need to get into your head is that he didn't say that at all.

"Many people who couldn't play multiplayer didn't get that compensation. "

What? How? They gave you a whole game for FREE plus a month's Xbox Live?

" I 've seen people on N4g, just like yourself who don't give a damn about the many complaints "

I've seen YOU of all people troll Halo day in and day out. Again, where did he say or show that he did not give a damn about the complaints?

Halo: TMCC is working a lot better and yes, the issues weren't excusable and even 343 acknowledged that. The compensation they gave was generous and although the problems were unfortunately, you can tell they went beyond the call and gave us adequate compensation.

Yes its an issue, but its one for TRUE fans of the franchise; not trolls who concern troll.

peshkavusCA1213d ago

What are you crying about? I know many players who enjoys its campaign more than the multiplayer option.

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snaggdadon1213d ago

ran like crap on mines and thats not even the multiplayer online......really big let down for me....hope gears is better working collection

BallsEye1213d ago

Played through whole 5 campaigns with my wife in co-op and had ZERO issues. Played only few competitive MP matches without a problem as well. MCC is a piece of art and one of best game deals I ever made. That 60 FPS in new engine changes everything.

Shame how other devs just increase resolution and pretend it was so hard to do. I have an emulator of Wii on my pc and I can play all the games in 1080p 60fps better lighting, better textures, better anisotropic filtering, better AA, right off the bat.No need for army of coders to work on the title for a year.

FallenAngel19841214d ago

This has got to be the most embarrassing moment for Microsoft and the Xbox brand as a whole. Almost a year after Halo TMCC released and its still having online issues.

dirkdady1213d ago

Can't believe Microsoft is banking their halo franchise in an unproven studio like 343.

sammarshall1021213d ago

Halo 4 was pretty good and Halo 5 looks phenomenal

dirkdady1213d ago

Halo 3 Recieved the lowest score in the numbered series and had the fast drop off in multiplayer the franchise has ever seen with criticism.
MCC a series of remasters suffers from crippling issues in the multiplayer that has persisted over 9 months after release.

343 is now turning halo 5 into a COD Pop-and-run clone and the franchise's fan base is angry..

Yea sure their batting avg is stellar /s

1213d ago
dirkdady1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Yep meant halo 4.

To those that disagree, let's be frank here 343 is a "B" tier team and still haven't reached top tier "A" status where everything they touch turns gold with metacritic scores in the 9s.

True or false (agree or disagree)?

donthate1213d ago


"Can't believe Microsoft is banking their halo franchise in an unproven studio like 343."

343i is a proven studio that shipped Halo 4 to massive success. The problems with Halo:MCC is due to having 4-5 studios remastering the game into one garguantual game. Halo:MCC is the most ambitious remake of all time!

I think 343i learned their lessons, and maybe that is why we aren't getting Gears of War 2 & 3 remaster, because just Gears of War:UE alone takes 18-months.

That is massive amount of work comparable to at least double the development time of say a typical game.

Sadly, because of this fiasco I don't think MS will ever give us this value again! :(

Sureshot1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

You can't poll True or False. That doesn't make any sense. The Disagree and Agree and appropriate here.

dirkdady1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Let's be honest here, the reason why black tusk or whatever it's call now is doing a remaster of gears is so it can get some experience as its a brand new spanking studio despite being existence for several years. Microsoft kibosshed their first game codname "Shanghai" something... And told them to become a gears of war studio.

Let's say per scoring definition 343 is a "good" studio but still not a "great" studio until it hits those top scores.

Halo and Gears of war - both AAA top tier franchises in the hands of two fairly new and inexperienced studios. Which begs the question are the franchise still top tier if the studios in charge are not?

donthate1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )


A top tier studio means little, because good games are based on game by game. Some studios deliver more consistent "review scores", but there is no telling.

Case in point, Gearbox delivered the fantastic Borderlands series. Multiple high reviewing and critically acclaimed games in Borderland series, but yet they failed on Alien: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever.

You cannot say, top tier, because it makes little sense.

That said, 343i has shipped a AAA game to huge success. Both critically, and sales wise. MS has done a great job managing 343i.

The Coalition (formerly known as Black Tusk) has not delivered a game yet, but they again seem to be a well managed studio. Gears of War: UE seems to be a PROPER REMASTER (unlike the PORT that Sony did with God of War 3) and the beta was great with the tweaks they did.

A lot of the original talent in the original studios are now at the new studios so I have high hopes and belief it will be great, but it is pointless to take about something that isn't released and barely shown.

Personally, I would question more studios that don't deliver like games like The Last Guardian that has been in limbo for almost a decade. Everything points to a disaster....

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WowSoChill1213d ago ShowReplies(5)
akurtz1213d ago

@heavy i wouldnt call it horrible but its still leaving a bad taste with these cancelled tournaments

TheLoCoRaven1213d ago

RROD almost brought Xbox down entirely. That was a much bigger mistake.

Halo2ODST21213d ago

I can't believe it's almost been a year & there are still people defending the MCC by bringing up the Campaign. it's disgusting.

AstroCyborg1213d ago

it still runs better than bf4 a year in its life cycle

rockwhynot1213d ago

Looks phenomenal, sounds disgusting.

Raiden1213d ago

You are crazy, shows how much you truly know, 343 is not some randomized company, the development team is made up of many of the original programmers, when BUNGIE choose to leave as they wanted to go multi-platform the majority of the team remained and called themselves 343. Get your information in order, read the credits and you will find the name going back to Halo 2😊😊😊&# 128522;

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ftwrthtx1214d ago

The devs knew this game would probably be used in tournaments, so why not have a dedicated LAN mode?

pompombrum1213d ago

I'm fairly certain that 343 have already said they are creating one for Halo 5.

BitbyDeath1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

Nope, 343 have said Halo 5 will not support LAN. This was announced the same time as the splitscreen being cut.

SilentNegotiator1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

No LAN either?

Ridiculous. Microsoft needs to delay Halo 5 and give 343 the time to finish properly.

rockwhynot1213d ago

They'll have their billions either way. Who cares if the sound design is nauseating and makes us want to play on mute...

JonnyBigBoss1213d ago

I loved the beta but agree with you.

WowSoChill1213d ago

Halo 5 is being developed by 343 and 343 alone, Halo MCC was developed and outsourced by like 5 different studios, which is why the Game is in the state its in, Halo 5 should be fine

akurtz1213d ago

Shouldve been 6 studios, maybe it wouldve worked better. Youre really not helping its image @wowsochill

rainslacker1213d ago

Outsourcing doesn't mean much. The studio that did the outsourcing is still responsible for making sure that the development is done properly by those outsourced companies, and it's not like they just throw the stuff together at the end.

Almost every game has stuff outsourced nowadays, and no one would even know if it wasn't listed in the credits.

SCW19821213d ago

What do you have to say about Halo 4?

spicelicka1213d ago

I don't see why, halo 4 was also made 343 and that had no problems. MCC is first of all outsourced and the reason it has problems is because it's 5 different engines running back n forth.

Halo2ODST21213d ago

"halo 4 was also made 343 and that had no problems"
So, it may not of had any technical problems, so that means it was a worthy halo game? With it's COD/HALO hybrid multiplayer, it cliche ridden story, - Military commanders telling master chief he's wrong after saving humanity, cliche ai (cortana) wanting to feel human/ Not mention the forced romance between her & chief. uh, the quick time event ending??? . the lack of Halo music. why don't you stop while you're ahead & never bring up Halo 4

kickerz1213d ago

halo 5 will be using dedicated servers so I'm pretty sure we won't have any of these issues

MasterCornholio1213d ago

Didn't the collection use dedicated servers?

The problem from what I've heard wasn't the servers but it was the netcode.

kickerz1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

I was reading that the collection uses a mix of dedicated servers and peer to peer.. Which is odd. Also Halo 4 ran totally fine. I think it must be using Bungies halos and putting them all into one collection must of been a little difficult. I think halo 5 will be fine

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kevnb1213d ago (Edited 1213d ago )

it's funny how the media isn't giving Microsoft a hard time about these issues, usually everyone jumps all over anything like this. And yes I know this website called them out on it, but they aren't really relevant and anybody who is doesn't say a word with the exception of gamespot oddly enough.

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