GBAtemp Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3

GBAtemp: Sometimes, a gamer just has to grow up. And this time, I felt it more than ever with Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3. The third sequel (second one for the US), a loose retelling of historical events in Japan, released in Japan last year and in Europe and North America this year, is the next title in the line of Warriors hack and slash titles. The gameplay elements of the Warriors series have not changed, with the player mashing the square and triangle button (or X and Y depending on the console), to slash through hundreds and thousands of faceless mooks to complete objectives. The formula has not changed with Chronicles 3. Chronicles 3 takes gameplay elements from the first two Chronicles and adds a bit more to the flair by incorporating elements from Samurai Warriors 4, which released on the Playstation 4 not too long ago. And this title is a refining of the title, but on a smaller sized screen.

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