Updates to the Nintendo Channel (demos, videos)

The Nintendo Channel has been updated with videos and a few old DS demos. See the link for the full list of updates.

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frostquake3705d ago

Once again the Weekly Update to Wii Videos and DS Downloads, truly Disappoint. DS Downloads are old and becoming very outdated. Come can't we get at least one new DS Demo a week, there are a TON of DS Games out and coming out.
What about Wii Demos? Where are they? Heck I would take at least one Wii Demo a month, but sadly there are yet to be any Wii Demos on the download channel.
Some of the videos are ok, but watching Hannah Montana Playing the DS, GAG!

PS360WII3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Oh a Contra 4 demo. If you haven't tried that game out you really need to try that game out. Then you can see how easy games are now-a-days and how going old school is a good thing.

I'm not sure why you say Wii downloads are slow... that's really funny as they are kind of quick seeing that the file sizes are much smaller than what XBL and PSN have out and the videos are streamed. I think you may need to look into a new router.

I'll have to check out some of those vids some sound like it's worth a look

N4g_null3704d ago

The dragon sword demo was the best sorry if you missed it but that's how Ninja Gaiden should be made.