Mass Effect Andromeda Vs Mass Effect 3 Comparison Shows Big Jump In Visuals, New Dev Video Released

Unfortunately, a lot about Mass Effect: Andromeda, the fourth entry in Bioware's RPG saga, is still unknown.

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Kal0psia1210d ago

Huge level design, routes for different classes and tons of enemies. Similar to Halo 5 approach. ...Pleeeaaasse? ;D

TheRedButterfly1210d ago

Mass Effect could never have the verticality of, say, Halo 5. This isn't a knock against ME or an unnecessary praise for H5 -- they're just two very different types of games, with two very different goals.

I'm more than excited to see how both of them turn out, as they're both two of my top 5 franchises, but I have a hard time seeing them being very similar outside of the SciFi genre.

mikeslemonade1210d ago

What's this positivity about Halo. Halo sells software, and the postivity ends there.

Bladesfist1210d ago

I like Halo, it's one of the only (actually the only this gen) FPS games that I bother to play on console. It is probably one of the closest game franchises we have to a PC shooter on console. Excluding occasional releases like Wolfenstein or Shadow Warrior.

Kal0psia1209d ago

Well verticality wouldn't be a bad addition to gameplay. My point is I see strong similarities between both these games even though one is RPG and the other fps.

Point is Mass Effect is a level design game and it wouldnt' hurt to have larger level designs with differing routes for differing classes. Also Mass Effect is basically the first to establish multiple character control, so it only makes sense I guess. So similarities are very strong between the two games.

Qrphe1210d ago

Have you played Halo 5 already?

Kal0psia1209d ago

No just the recent updates. I mean I'm excited with what I've read so far, so should any gamer. Halo 5 is going to be epic.

starchild1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I'm sure the environments will be plenty big.

On another note.. damn, Frostbite 3 engine is producing some incredible visuals! Star Wars Battlefront, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Need for Speed and Mass Effect 4 all look amazing. I know we haven't seen gameplay of Mass Effect 4 yet, but apparently the trailer was in-engine and looked jaw-dropping. I'm sure it'll end up looking great either way.

_-EDMIX-_1210d ago

If you played BF3 on ultra, you have a pretty good idea of how beast Frostbite actually is.

I was excited to see more games using it, many don't give the BF series its due in terms of amazing visuals and effects and now many are starting to see just what BF fans have been getting the last couple of years. (on PC anyway, now on next gen consoles)

I'm excited for Mass Effects transition to frostbite, I really, really wanted 3 in Frostbite but it was just too late.

I'm hoping for it to be much more open and large, I don't really like the level to level feeling in Mass Effect, its almost the polar opposite imho of how one should feel commanding a space ship.

bloop1209d ago

@EDMIX: Yeah, I'm hoping for a more open world with Andromeda too. It's strange how as the franchise progressed, some elements were improved upon greatly and other areas stripped back or removed completely. Even if there wasn't a whole lot to do on some of the planets, it was so cool landing the Mako and exploring in ME1. Then ME3 had practically no exploration at all. If they can get all the best elements of the trilogy into one game, they're on to a winner. Bring back the exploration and RPG elements of the earlier games with the tight combat from 3. Seeing the Mako return already has me excited for this game. I also really enjoyed Inquisition so I have high hopes for andromeda.

showtimefolks1209d ago

i thought E3 was the perfect place to announce a mass trilogy remaster for ps4/xbox one with all the dlc released for the trilogy.

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crazychris41241210d ago

E3 trailer was in-engine, lets wait till they release some in-game footage before we start comparing it to previous games. Looking forwared to seeing more from this game. 2nd one is still my favorite but the 3rd had a more refined combat system. Hopefully they can take the good stuff from the 2 games and put it into this one.

Godmars2901210d ago

Moe concerned with story telling/interaction and gameplay than visuals.

psplova1210d ago

Is this a continuation of the trilogy? If so in bed to hurry up and finish ME3..

FlexLuger1210d ago

Not a continuation of the trilogy but it is a continuation of the timeline. This game takes place several hundred years after the first ME trilogy.

Godmars2901210d ago

Spacing between centuries does not make stories part of the same "timeline" rather universe.

Though given that this even isn't happening in the same region as the first trilogy, the same galaxy, its just as meaningless to say that they're connected by a timeline.

FlexLuger1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )


True. But I can see references being made to shapard and the reapers. Its not like we wont still see krogans, solarians, and the races from the first game. But yeah its meaninglesss in the sense that it will be hundreds of years later in a new galaxy. Im curious to see how they explain that on too. Didnt all the mass relays get blown up at the end of ME3?


Yeah, thats what I was thinking. The reaper war, could be considered one of the most important points in ME timeline/history. Surely some references to it and shepard will be mentioned. Especially if the enemy is a galaxy wide threat.

IIFloodyII1210d ago

No, not really, it's in a completely different galaxy. We'll probably hear stories about Shepard and co's adventures, but not much else.

Summons751210d ago

I like how the title says they SHOW a comparison but the actual video had absolutely no footage. (which is understandable since we have only a cgi trailer for ME4)

Bioware are the masters of gloating and talking and not showing absolutely anything to back their statements up.

Pandamobile1210d ago

Blame GamingBlot for that. The actual video is just a dev diary.

sullynathan1210d ago

"Bioware are the masters of gloating and talking and not showing absolutely anything to back their statements up."

You sure about that? You should blame Gamingbolt for the title

Summons751210d ago

For this instance sure. But there are plenty of other times where they will say X game looks amazing, X game will redefine the series, X game is so massive and still show nothing to back their quotes up, which is why they've gotten so much flack because the final game doesn't match up to what they claim.

sullynathan1210d ago

They get flack for their bad design options, sure but for some reason lots of other companies like CDPR or Bethesda do the same and don't get the same level of flack.

Usually, each newer Bioware game does look great and it is larger than the last game.

medman1210d ago

Bioware pretty much hit the mark with the latest Dragon Age, so I think that gives people hope for the next Mass Effect. I love the trilogy, so I'm on board no matter what, but for those who may have questions Dragon Age Inquisition showed Bioware still has some magic left in their studio.

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