TGR E3 Hands-On: Halo Wars - "Back to Halo's Roots"

TGR - "'First person shooters will NEVER work on consoles.' Not so many years ago that critical attitude towards taking the staple product of PC gaming to the living room was shared by many. Then a little game called Halo came along and shattered whatever doubt was left that an FPS could properly function on a console, leaving PC gamers with their keyboards and mice stuck firmly in their mouths. So can lighting strike twice? Can the Halo franchise once again bridge the gap between these two platforms so that the real time strategy genre may finally cross it?"


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cain1413704d ago

This game was one of my favorites at E3, by far...

NewSchoolGamer3704d ago

game looks awesome. However what about the gameplay?

The team making this game made age of empires 3 which is one of my favorite strategy games but they haven't done any of those on consoles before have they?

cain1413704d ago

I've played it, and they simplified everything. It runs smooth on a console, and I almost forgot that RTS's have never really worked on one...

Erasmus3704d ago

I was never fond of the 360 version of command and conquer 3, hopefully this will be better.

Relin3704d ago

I haven't been a fan of any of the PC-to-console ports of RTS games. I remember playing a C&C port on the original PS, and it was horrible.

predator3704d ago

game looks off the hook, ensemble studios are awesome at RTS games (Age of Empires) so i have every confidance that this will be awesome

green3704d ago

I was a bit disappointed when it was announced that Halo Wars was pushed back to spring 09 because it was one of my most anticipated titles this year.The game looks awesome and i have not read a single preview that did not like it.

I have Gears2,Infinite undiscovery,Last Remnant,fable 2,Banjo:Nuts and Bolts,Left 4 Dead,Too Human and Fallout 3 all on pre-order.So maybe it's a good idea that it was pushed back because i don't think i would have been able to have crammed Halo mwars into the second half of this year.A year that to me is shaping up to be better than 07.

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