Vader vs. Yoda happening afterall?


"Early this year Namco revealed that both Darth Vader and Yoda will be available as playable characters in Soul Calibur IV but that different versions of the game would get different characters - Vader for the PS3 and Yoda for the 360. Hearts were broken and tears were wept over gamers not being able to see the two clash, but it looks as if the story has a happy ending."

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Montrealien3674d ago

Well, if that`s real it`s pretty damn cool, and if it ain`t it`s damn good work.

MUNKYPOO3674d ago

thats cool if you can get both. but if you cant i rather have vader

mikeslemonade3674d ago

HAHA the xbots will have to pay $5 for Vader. The PS3 owners don't need to buy Yoda because no one wants to play as Yoda!

thor3674d ago

Ah... so create exclusive characters for each version then charge an extra quid just to get the one that isn't on your console, at no expense to them, but effectively selling the game at a higher price..

Brixxer6003674d ago

I'm sure it's bound to happen eventually, it would make sense.

I'll be getting on PS3, just for Vader, i'll probably be finished with the game long before they allow the characters to cross over.

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The story is too old to be commented.