Biggest Dicks in Video Games

Lesbian Gamer writes:

"We've had it up to our perfect pert breasts with 'best jubblies', 'hottest female characters', 'sexiest gaming whore', 'top gaming jigglies', 'top ten boobies', 'best gaming breasts'."

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NewSchoolGamer3556d ago

guess who wrote this article? Lesbian Gamer!!!

morganfell3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

I don't know about that article. There is something fishy in their approach. The whole thing smells of a personal agenda.

incogneato3555d ago

Nope, it's actually gay guys who wrote it. Pretending to be lesbians so they don't get hated upon.

morganfell3555d ago (Edited 3555d ago )

That went right by you, didn't it. After all the OP is totally correct, the article does come from Lesbiangamers.

EastCoastSB3555d ago

I don't know if what I'm thinking is what you meant, but if it is, that's gross.


Laexerias3555d ago

Yes it was my Biology Teacher.. he told me: There are no Lesbians in this World, they are just parts of the mans fantasy.

Oh yeah.. i laughed about 2hours after that.

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Wildarmsjecht3556d ago

...I never knew there was such a ridiculous site such as this. Seriously? For so much talk about a certain anatomy, you'd think they really DID want it. Still, not approving this crap.

solidsnakus3556d ago

lol! @ "not apropriate for this site"

-EvoAnubis-3555d ago

Fair's fair. I personally find this distasteful, but I know I've approved enough breast and ass stories. I'll give the nod to this one.

theflyingfool3555d ago

karma is a.. well you know

masterprince1013555d ago

lol tru plus its an honest argument. all this super macho stuff in gaming is just like wtf why are they over acting their manliness. althogh i think they should replace master chief with kratos and take solid snake off the list. master chief only cares about gettin the job done and snake is just uber confident baller.

Enigma_20993555d ago

"Vagina Hero"

The fact that they're now complaining about this is just delicious irony...

Their MGS4 review was still a blatant BS page hit simulator, however...

Lyan3555d ago

I know right!? Who are they to rate MGS4 a "Eva 'Papi' Torres"!?

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The story is too old to be commented.