Electronic Theatre E3 2008 Preview: Wii Sports Resort

When unveiled at E3 2006, that Wii broke new ground in the videogame industry is simply not a question. Upon holding that Wii Remote for the first time, it was clear that every journalist at the show had their mind racing with the possibilities that such a device presented. However, while the technology has been there, arguably few developers other than Nintendo have managed to capitalise on it with software.
The big swing of a Baseball Bat and the repeated quick taps of a Tennis Racket may have been easy to implement, but gamers, developers and the press have been longing for the day when that illusive real-time manipulation of on-screen objects became possible. Thankfully, Nintendo have broken their ease-of-use priority, and announced an adapter for the Wii Remote, known as Wii Motion Plus, which will give developers the opportunity to create games which do just that.
Wii Sports Resort is, unsurprisingly...

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mathsman3705d ago

Wii SWORD FIGHTING!!! Done right as well!!!

dadice3705d ago

But will it be done right this time? I'll play it before I decide.