Backwards Compatibility List Taken Down?

We're not sure what's going on here. When we originially reported last night, that the backwards compatibility list had been updated, we were certain it had. Indeed, the list was there, in all its glory on the Xbox website.

However, when we check that same list today, it seems that it's been reverted back to its old form, listing the games from the last update as "new", as well as being completely devoid of any mention of Psychonauts, or Shenmue II.

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NJ1307RSX4388d ago

Doesn't care about the xbox so why should you?

Optimus Prime4388d ago

sony doesnt care about the anything but money, so why should you care about sony, they dont care about you.

NJ1307RSX4388d ago

Sony is lossing $300 on every PS3 sold, they are doing it so us Gamers can have a better deal! That shows they care about us.

Look at Microsoft with their xbox 1 support, now that's scary to even think about ;)

ScorpioKyle4388d ago

no, they are not losing money for "the love of their gamers". They are selling them at a loss to shoehorn bluray into peoples homes. If bluray takes off they will make tons of money on lisencing fees. But then again it could just go the way of the minidisc and umd movie.

dantesparda4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

And what!? MS is selling you the 360 to what? not make any money? dont be stupid man! also minidics where the sh!t, i dont care what the hell you idiot fanboys say. Man, I tell you's, your hate for Sony is great! its super great! I personally do not care for either Sony or MS, but they both make things that i like. I liked XBR's, but when somebody else makes something better, i go with them, not stick to some brand. I like Windows, but if something comes out thats better, then off with them too (although MS really does have a monopoly over the OS world). If Sega, Nintendo, SNK, NEC, MS, Atari, 3DO, whoever makes a good system i'll get it. I dont care about brand. Im too old for that sh!t. All this fanboy side taking sh!t is for little kids. If MS makes a good TV, i'll buy it. If Sony makes a good OS i'll try it. People stop the childish side taking! Cuz believe me, you will realize exactly what i mean about it being childish when you's get older. And damn it, i want full backwards compatibility already. I know MS never promised full, but i want full! i really wanted to continue playing my Fight Night Round 2 when i 1st got my 360 on Nov 22nd 05, and it was on the list. So i sold my Xbox, and it didnt work, and it never has!

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hitthegspot4388d ago

I just tried to play PsychoNauts on the 360 and at first it looked promising with an "update needed" response from the box. Then it was the quote of denial. This origional xbox game is not supported at this time. Check on line for an update.
Come on MS get with the program...

Daewoodrow4388d ago

it was never updated. Somebody at the Xbox website put up the updated BC list by mistake, and took it down ASAP. When asked, microsoft reverted to secrecy again, and said they will announce details when the list of new games has been finalised. It is not known when the BC will really be updated.

MicroGamer4388d ago

why the hell they made emulation geared to individual games instead of an emulator that plays all games?? It's a lotmore efficient to make a one size fits all emulator otherwise we are not getting a true emulator but bleem!XBox for the 360 and we saw what happened when bleem! tried to make seperate emulators for each game. They died out.

Dusk4388d ago

They said that while certain games would work with one emulation, many others would not. Therefore they've had to do many. Sometimes they get quite a few games to work with one emulation (I'm assuming because those games were programmed in a very similar fashion). Other times they get very few games to work with one emulation. Nature of the beast, I guess, although I'm not knowledgable enough in this area to really say one way or the other. At least the 360 BC games upscale resolutions, though, unlike the PS3 BC games.

dantesparda4388d ago (Edited 4388d ago )

Thats why they are being upscaled by the 360, its because they are being emulated. The PS3 is using the actual PS2 hardware to do it, so it not really emulating it. The reason why, not all games are work properly on the PS3 is because they didnt put it in every last chip that was in the PS2 in there, whereas some games may have relied on them or on how the very structure of the PS2 was, which is obvously missing in the PS3. And what would you rather have? almost all the games running but not enhanced? or just a small fraction of the games working but enhanced? You know origianlly i would have taken enhanced, but now i would just settle for working. Besides not all games are enhanced and many games are far rougher on the 360 than they were on the Xbox. Just look at (yuck) Amped, its anti-aliased, yes, but rougher, much rougher. I'll bet you that once Sony takes out the PS2 hardware out of the PS3 and starts emulating it, that it will start to enhance the games. Than again it all really depends on the competiton and demand for it too. And I bet you take you could make just one emulator to run them all. Doesnt matter what MS says, people can do it

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