Molyneux: Three more Fable games planned

In's latest interview with Fable 2 head master Peter Molyneux, X3F used their ninja-ears (yes, ninja-terming body parts is allowed under the ninja-naming rulebook) and actually picked up on a Fable franchise fact. At around the 5:10 mark (video after the break), Molyneux talks about his intent for the Fable franchise going forward saying that "we got plans for Fable three, four and five" and that "it's actually a big story arc."

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Dmitry Orlov3673d ago

I really hope there won't be such a big gap between parts like Fable 1 and 2.

TheXgamerLive3673d ago

He seems to of really delivered this time round. I'm so excited to play this, I feel like a little school girl:)) Ya know hard nips and all, Ha Ha:))

edhe3673d ago

Now i'm curious about this.