TGR E3 Hands-On: Rock Band 2 - "Why We Love Games"

TGR - "Without a doubt, the most crowded booth at E3 was the one which featured Harmonix's latest creation, Rock Band 2. Even though the show was significantly scaled-back this year, there was still always a crowd gathered around the stations where you could jam on plastic instruments and bring out your inner Bon Jovi. The TGR crew got a little time both on the show floor and behind closed doors with the new title, and we came away from our time only wanting more."

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cain1413709d ago

This was some of the most fun I had at E3... This game will be amazing...

Erasmus3709d ago

I'm all for buying rock band 2. I prefer the direction that the series is going as opposed to Guitar Hero.

aubradley3709d ago

I don't just want this game, I need it.

predator3708d ago

still havent played the first one