PS3 To Become Family Console

In the latest interview with Kaz Hirai, he states that the PS3 is going to become the next family console...

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Ashta3708d ago

As long as that "slow transition" doesn't mean I'm going to be seeing 40 Singstars and 20 interations of crappy carnival games I think I'll be fine.

Jamie Foxx3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

helps aswell but becoming the swiss army knife of gaming has to be executed very carefully or.......(looks at his psp)

Lifendz3708d ago

family has a father, mother, teenager, and a pre-teen.

PS3 has the HD movie format on lock so mom is happy because the family as a whole can spend time together enjoying movies. Dad is happy to have the latest in movie technology and access to the video store.

Teen gets to enjoy all the games that we all know teen enjoys.

pre-teen has Ratchet and LBP.

Something for everyone and at no point does mom and/or dad have to whip out the old credit card to pay for either kid to play online.

TheColbertinator3707d ago

The PS2 was the first DVD player my family got so the PS3 being the first Blu-Ray player they got was a good option.But Sony should keep the casual market and hardcore market seperate so there is two strong markets and not one.Games like Resistance 2 and Team ICO games should keep the hardcore with the PS3.

bluecapone3708d ago

ps3 is the perfect family console because it does almost everything

Saint Sony3707d ago

especially cooking..

I guess laundry will be possible after next firmware?

Figboy3707d ago

does everything but call you back in the morning...

*sniff* bastard...

SixTwoTwo3708d ago

Not until it hits that family pricepoint

LoVeRSaMa3707d ago

My PS3 isnt a Family console, although the one downstairs in the Main Living area is, it has all the latest films on it ^_^

Its a good media device =x

zethos563707d ago

Why the disagrees? Until the PS3 hits Wii prices we won't see families buying stuff like that.

Captain Tuttle3707d ago

Because he's right and this is N4G.

masterg3707d ago

Because price has nothing to do with it being a family product or not.
If it appeals to the whole family it's a family product.

My car is a family car. It cost me $60k, but it's still a family car.

Captain Tuttle3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

But I'll bet you there's more $25,000 family cars on the road than $60,000 ones. Kaz is talking about selling consoles and expanding the customer base and price is a huge factor.

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Mr BlueScreen3708d ago

It would be cool if it was for familys' and hardcore!

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