First-Person Shooters: Preparing You for an Alien Invasion!

Gamers have long attempted to validate the numerous wasted hours glued to their screens. Several arguments, such as improved hand/eye coordination, memory, and problem-solving skills, have held their ground. However, an emerging argument, which seemingly trumps all others, has found such a solid foothold that retort seems impossible: "Video games could save my life."

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Sixark3555d ago

a warning should be added:
unlike in the games, in real life, running over and using the nearest med-pack will not make you as good as new after getting shot in the chest three times

thor3555d ago

Med-pack? In modern games you just have to duck behind a wall for 5 seconds and you'll be as good as new ;)

Sixark3555d ago

Hehe, I've been playing a lot of HL2 lately =P

theusedfake3555d ago

if the Independence Day movie
becomes true, those aliens
are going to get F'd in the A.

NewSchoolGamer3555d ago

However you won't last long because the Chimera , Locust or those things from Halo will probably be carrying some big guns.

Mr_Showtime13555d ago

I know if theres an alien invasion gamers will have a far higer kill count than those who dont game, and the soldiers will have a far higher kill count than the gamers lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.