Hirai: Rivals can't compete with PS3's exclusives

MCV: Global PlayStation boss says first-party titles and Blu-Ray capacity set console apart from 360 and Wii

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Jamie Foxx3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

his telling the truth

worryingly though none of those 1st party exclusives seems to be rpg's which the ps3's library is severly lacking

ash_divine3643d ago

think have any of the biggest RPG's ever come at the beginning of a generation for any console? no. Infact if you look at, none of the console this gen have had "BIG" rpg releases yet.

ON TOPIC: Even if he is right, it sucks that lately Sony's stooped to Microsoft's level of mud-slinging.

Jackthepwnsaur3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

hes not mug-slinging, hes actually stating a argument with a reason, something that Microsoft doesn't do when they are in the media. for example when Microsoft stated they stated that the 360 was going to outsell the PS3 in its lifetime without a reason why its going to do this, i laughed hard, now that Mud-Slinging.

Jamie Foxx3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

well said, any neutral has to admit sonys claims are usually facts, right now microsofts just never add up which is why people are questioning microsoft at the minute

but i wish sony would not get involved in the mudslinging truth or not it shows class not stooping to the competitions levels there already making themselves look bad dont get involved

bubbles anyway

SixTwoTwo3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

I think he's speaking just a little too soon here. Right now (as in games that are on shelves right now) the consoles are dead even in terms of exclusives except for the Wii, its a little behind the others. But starting this October the PS3 will be rolling out exclusive after exclusive after exclusive and the train ain't stopping. Sony has exclusives literally lined up from this point going forward. There is no excuse to not own a PS3 right now.

[email protected] the truth hurts doesn't it

Gam713643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

MS level of mud slinging?
Can see he's stating facts if you're a neutral?

Like i believe you're a neutral so your "fact" is biased opinion.

Btw MS have a long way to go to match Sony's "mudslinging"
Anyone can see that.

So it's ok for Sony to do it but not M$ remember who did it first.

Jackthepwnsaur3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

we are not talking about the past, we are talking about the last few days. just to let you know since you are currently spreading fud all over N4G right now, which makes you laughable. He is stating facts, BTW were are Microsoft's first party studios? and no were not talking about bungie or Epic, since they are second party studios and they can make PS3 games if they want to. do you realize they have the most 1st party studios over microsoft and nintendo?

incogneato3643d ago

The two PS3 exclusive RPGs coming this year are better than any of the other RPGs released this gen combined:

Disgaea 3
Valkyria Chronicles

Also a better version of Eternal Sonata is coming out. All PS3 will be missing is Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, both which got bad scores.

La Chance3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Yeah , right , even you dont believ yourself.Es , LO and Blue Dragon got 8/10 averages.If thats bad scores the 80% of the games on ps3 are crap since they dont even reach that score.Looks like you forgot you'll be missing out on Inf Undiscovery , Tales of Vespearia(34/40 famitsu) and Star Ocean 4.You getting Eternal Sonant who knows when and you'll be playing it almost 2 years after the 360 version.those 2 games you mentionded dont even have close to the appeal that a game like Infinte or LO can have , moreover there strategy jrpgs , they arnt the jrpgs that appeal to most rpg fans , jrpg fans themselves prefer regular jrpgs like LO , Eternal Sonata etc.

on topic: Anyway I dont really care if the exclusive is 1st party or 3rd party.

This gens best exclusives have been 3rd party and best games alltogether are 3rd part games.

MGS4 , Mass Effect , Gears , Bioshock , DMC4 , GTA4 , COD4 etc etc.

this guy is talking about 1st party excluisives for PS3 : how many of them till now have been really good games...not much...

Challenge anybody to prove me wrong.

chasuk083643d ago

The truth is RPGS will never sell as many consoles in Europe and NA as FPS and new Ips like Little big planet, so its not on the top of Sonys list. Just look at Blue Dragon on 360, how many copys did that sell ??? Hardly any compared to 360s other exclusives.

RPGS are for hardcore games only, and until Sony has sold a ridiculous amount of consoles they cant afford to rely on rpgs to sell consoles, and make profits.

Equinoxe_73643d ago

To SixTwoTwo

I have seen many xbox fans on this forum lately.

But I also think Sony have to stop talking and deliver, many fans including me, are tired of Sony Hype: Home, Trophy, ingame voice chat, the Playstation 3 is beyond fantasy, all that crap, blu ray.

First of all Sony Playstation is a strong brand for gaming, all I care about is games, blu ray is second to none, and it´s a pretty expensive hobby if you ask me.

But I believe when we are seeing games like LBP, Team Ico 3 game, and Heavy rain(working title) things are going to chance.

Lifendz3643d ago

they can't compete.

When Gears of War 3 goes multi-plat, and when Sony's console is down to 349 or lower...what's left for MS? Their next console is what. Sony's in-house companies is unparalleled. No comp in that department by either Nintendo or MS.

ash_divine3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

first off: the phrase "can't compete" is total subjective and goes down to preference, therefore it's not fact. He didn't say they had more exclusives, he said they had better exclusives, which is only opinion.

and did you just accuse me of being bias against against Sony? I'll have you know, out of the consoles I have this gen I pretty much only care about my PS3, wii and 360 are just okay(to me). Check my comment history if you don't believe me. I don't even comment in Xbox and Wii related stuff much. but oh wait, if I don't believe Sony is God I must be biased right?

FYI: I did believe Sony was right, I just don't like how they've been back and forth lately (granted that was mostly MS), they look like elementary school children trying to look cool in front of their peers.

kinggeoff3643d ago

have you kids stumbled on?

Sony always making factual sense?

yyyyyep sony execs never put their foot in their mouth or overstep their bounds. OH WAIT NOW I REMEMBER THE ENTIRE YEAR OF 2007

Kratos34523643d ago

remember folklore?that's an rpg, they are lacking more but they have that, ff versus 13,white knight chronicles and probably more that they haven't showed off yet to keep the attention on the games that coming out first.

Real gamer 4 life3643d ago

Well warkhawk rachet and uncharted are really good exclusive which scored really good scores. And resistance was a solid launch title.however other then those i mention there aren't many more. But we will have to wait and see how little big plane and resistance fair out for this year, and next we will have to see how killzone infamous and god of war fair out. Well god of war is already a automatic AAA title so we could put that one to bed.

ThanatosDMC3643d ago

This is an old story from an old interview (two weeks ago???)

They're just milking his words... geez.

La Chance sure is a funny guy.

dcbronco3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

LOL. I can't believe it. You really are Jamie Foxx.

Sony can have all the in-house studios they want. The problem is, they are investing a lot of money, but aren't getting it back in sells. Most of the games they have made in-house with the exception of Resistance and Uncharted, have not made over a million in sells on their own. They needed to be bundled with the PS3 to make that mark and that doesn't count. Giving them away as incentive to buy a console that is losing money anyway means you're just adding to your lose. $499 for a console that cost you over $500 to make and then adding $120 worth of games is just desperate. And pretending that Blu-ray is actually selling is plain dishonest. 200 million so far this year for disc that cost at least $20 dollars is less than 10,000 disc sold this year. I bet there are more than 10 DVD titles that beat that on their own. And what exclusives do Sony fans keep talking about. I looked at that Gamestop list and there are 9 games that are only on the PS3 and 34 exclusive to the 360. That trend will continue with even companies like EA saying there are some things that will only be on the 360. If EA is going to be careful with their size, you know the smaller developers will be even more careful.

agentace3643d ago

only an american could divide 200million by 20 and get 10,000


dcbronco3643d ago

I meant 10,000,000. But, it doesn't change the fact that Blu-ray isn't selling more combined than the average blockbuster DVD release.

Skip_Bayless3643d ago

PS3 exclusives are also run better on the PS3. The only game that has issues is Lair. I can name a whole list of games with frame rate issues on 360:
Mass Effect
Two Worlds
Ninja Gaiden 2
Too Human

The list can go on but I don't play much 360 but of the handful of games I played the frame rate can drop to the 10s. Where as I have played all PS3 exclusives except Lair, but Lair I will take some people's word on the frame rate issues.

Bangladesh3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Someone needs to inform Kaz that Halo 3 sold more in a week than MGS4 has sold so far.

Jamie Foxx are you insane or something? When Sony talks it's usually complete psycho babble. Read on.

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pwnsause3643d ago

although i agree what he is saying, 1st party games need more variety, the RPG is one grenre they have to exploit. Sure White knight story is coming but thats just 1 rpg coming from a 2nd party studio. hopefully they can expoit that.

DarkSniper3643d ago

Kaz Hirai is absolutely correct. Nintendo only supports games suited for the casual audience. Microsoft's first party studios does not even exist. Xbox 360's identity and the term originality do not mesh well together.

Only PLAYSTATION®3 provides true exclusives that gives the gamers a unique gameplay experience that cannot be found on no other console. Dark Sniper has already went to his local department store and purchased a Pink Polo shirt to match the style and success of Kaz Hirai.

Dark Sniper is all about success, Kaz Hirai is a definition of success. Therefore it was a no brainer for him to match Kaz's attire of clothing.


TheColbertinator3643d ago

@Dark Sniper Well spoken with a good sense of humor


Beware the pink shirt

pwnsause3643d ago

I absolutely agree Darksniper :)

Laexerias3643d ago

You are somewhat sick, but i like you.

Btw. i will Shoot Kaz Hirai in his f*cking head if he dont bring Star Ocean 4 for PS3 goddamned...

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sak5003643d ago

Hirai pls go back to finishing Lost series.

Domenikos3643d ago

Sak500 pls go back to finishing Jacka$$ series.

Gam713643d ago

They can't take it sak when someone resorts to acting like them.

supahbad3643d ago

@2.2 like commenting in the wrong place

i'm not liking this kaz guy much lately either, too much talking back at MS i would just let them talk their crap and prove them wrong with the results rather than talk sh!t

HateFanboys3643d ago

They can't take it Domenikos when someone resorts to acting like them.

HateBoy3642d ago

Hey! You totally stole my name man!

Nah, just kidding man! Nice to see a fellow hater.

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sinncross3643d ago

i agree... the first party titles look tasty on ps3, while the wii and 360 titles bore me, cept Gears.

Intrepid3643d ago

First party exclusive:


They all put out excellent/quality games, but Nintendo puts out more of what I like. Metroid is my favorite series.

PoSTedUP3643d ago

i dont have a wii but im assuming nintendo has some decent exclusives such as mario kart and mario galaxy and i too love metroid prime games although i do believe that they cant compete with sony exclusives though.


Drekken3643d ago

Intrepid, I have been spoiled with up to date graphics. Just can get into 90's graphics. Takes a lot out of the game for me. Once NIN decide to go high-def the old nintendo fan in me will probably come out again.

PoSTedUP3643d ago

i too hated on the wii for alot of reasons including it not being high deff. and even b4 i played the games i dissed them ALOT including mario kart. i have learned that graphics dont make the game any funner because after actually playing mario kart i really had fun with it so ima stop hating on the wii and try playing more of its games to give it my fair judgment.

oh and smash bros Brawl and mario party 8 are my next experiments cause i use to love those games.

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solideagle13643d ago

first party true
3rd party not
well sony should grab some 3rd party love. i mean if DMC,Final Fantasy and other 3rd party titles should have exclusives then this game(console war) would have been very different. i think sony is still in great position and should focus more on first party rather paying 3rd parties.

UNCyrus3643d ago

the comment is simply that Sony owns so many studios that all the games they put out are 1st party exclusive strictly for the ps3... i.e. GoW3, LBP, R2, MS:PR, et all

Mausenheimmer3643d ago

What's MS:PR? It could be Microsoft Studios Public Relations, but that doesn't make much sense.

BigBoy20003643d ago

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift

Kratos34523643d ago

if sony spent money on 3rd party games their 1st party games wouldn't be as big and they would be like Microsoft, that would spends money on their own studios that's why Sony has so many 1st party exclusives and they are better than third party exclusives.(ex)would you rather have dmc or GOD OF WAR? GOD OF WAR kicks devil may cries plays the game smart and they know what they're doing.

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