Artsy-Fartsy PixelJunk Eden demo impressions gives it's impressions of the Pixel Junk Eden demo:

"Fresh from the American PlayStation Store comes a whole heap of fancy updates. As well as being treated to a sale dropping PAIN, PixelJunk Monsters and three other downloadable games to the low, low price of $4.99 each, Siren: Blood Curse makes it appearance, with Europe astonishingly receiving the game at the same time (but not the demo, meaning curious European gamers will have to spend at least 7 quid to find out what it's like, thanks SCEE) as well as the almost typical Guitar Hero and Rock Band song packs. Also thrown in was a demo of Elefunk, which is rubbish, and PixelJunk Eden, the third game from the small Japanese development studio Q-Games.

Hit the jump for my Eden impressions."

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chaosatom3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

can anybody explain the controls to me explictly?

ExcelKnight3710d ago

It's like an inverted Spiderman styled platformer. You have to jump onto the glowing plants to grab on, then you jump away from them to create a web and swing around to gain momentum to let go and fly upward toward other mid-air flowers (and enemies).

For such a simple game, it's hella hard and fun. I'm probably one of the few people who likes the music of the Pixeljunk games, so... This is a definite buy for me. Here's hoping it comes out on the 31st as promised!

Storm233710d ago

Eden ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for the full game to come out.

himdeel3710d ago Elefunk either. I deleted it after building two bridges. Pixeljunk on the other hand IS just fun. I also will be getting Pixeljunk monsters on Thursday.

solar3710d ago

i picked up PJ:Monsters the other day. great fun. as for Eden...ive gone thru it a couple times now. its great, i will be purchasing it on thursday.

blusoops3710d ago

but after trying it the 2nd time, the controls just clicked! That's when it became super fun...however when you play co-op w/other people, that's the real jewel of the game!! Definite buy for me this thursday, plus, it'll have trophies!

NathanGra3710d ago

I agree with all of you. The first like five minutes....okay...ten minutes I was like "What in the hellz am I doing? These controls are botched!" But after I got used to it, I honestly was sitting there, smiling, and doing some pretty crazy 'pollen' collecting combos. Once the controls click, you realize that the game wouldn't work any other way.

Chaos, I played the demo when it was first released...granted it was only a few days ago, but let me try and explain it some. You can only jump once from any surface (no double jumps or floating). When you land on a plant you will automatically weave a silk line to it so that you can dangle and swing on that piece of vegetation. If you want to simply jump from the plant and not swing, press the jump button twice.

To jump THROUGH plants you press jump and jump while in midair to "Spin" through it. That's essentially it! It's a great, addicting, and marvelously original game. 1st day buy here.