Atomic Gamer Preview: Skate It

Jeff Buckland reports:

''EA has yet to release any big details on Skate 2, the followup to their control-revolutionizing skateboarding game from last year, but they're ready to talk about their Wii title coming this year. Skate It takes the control innovation present in the first game and applies it to the Wii, both to the remote and to the Balance Board that shipped earlier this year with Wii Fit.

What I got to see of the game at E3 was promising, even if they had to scale back the graphics of the original game. I'm no Skate expert here, but it seems like the small area I fiddled around with inside Skate It is the same as in the first game, but of course the Wii-style graphics weren't as sharp. But what did make a huge difference was the controls. I was able to play with both the Wiimote and the Balance Board, and both offer a unique but interesting experience.''

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