We should have bet on Wii, admits Riccitiello


"Pumping investment into PS3 and 360 was a strategic mistake, says EA CEO

Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello has admitted that the company put too much focus on PS3 and 360 at the beginning of the current console cycle – and largely ignored the potential of Wii."

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pwnsause3554d ago

More SHovelware confirmed.

Voiceofreason3554d ago

fanboy hater without a clue? confirmed.

TheHater3554d ago

Don't the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of games sell a lot more than the Wii version?

jlytle12343554d ago

i think he sees the number of consoles out there and thinks it means $$$, but the stats show wii gamers dont buy games. First you should invest in improving the quality of your established titles.
Then again the bs you come out with on 360 and ps3 will look like a work of art on the wii compared to the crap games the wii has.
his statement should be more like..
"Pumping investment into PS3 and 360 was a strategic mistake, when we could half-ass for a quarter of the cost and make wii games."

Voiceofreason3554d ago

You claim Wii owners dont buy game syet Wii has a has a higher attach rate then the PS3 does and it sales the most software according to NPD and other sources.. It's hard to take someone so clueless seriously.

deeznuts3554d ago

Subtract the software that isn't actually a game, and come back to us.

rbanke3554d ago


Entire isles of shovelware costing 10-30 bucks at every target/walmart is probably why it has any attachrate whatsoever. I would say most people buy the wii to play wii sports and some other similar games and have little interest beyond those titles (or similar titles)

BulletToothtony3554d ago

And if they made games for the WII they wouldn't sell either because they always try to get away with the worst product they can make.

If they want more money they shouldn't blame gamers.. they should blame themselves.

People who've played Battlefront know what im' talking about

-EvoAnubis-3554d ago

@jlytle1234: You said everything I was going to say. Bubbles up.

@voiceofreason: Take a look at third party software sales on the Wii, then see if you can still say what you said with a straight face.

MazzingerZ3554d ago

Wii attach rate my holy guacamoli...agree with you, the only winner with the Wii is nintendo, third party developers sells poorly...but if you take into account that the development cost is rather low so they are profitable anyway and that's the interest of EA, cheap to develop, create a little franchise and release sequels every 6 months.

the only 3rd party games selling on the Wii are the Resident Evil games and Guitar Hero...the rest is just big bucks for Nintendo.

EA is really funny, one day they say the want to be the company of choice for innovative developers and the day after than they wish they had bet on the Wii from the beginning...I don't have anything against the Wii but honestly if you want to be innovative, you need the horse power of a PS3 or X360 and a controller that gives you more control possibilities...

Hardcore Wii owners, don't expect more than casual games on the Wii, even if developers could port to the Wii PS3/X360 titles, the controllers is an obstacle as in many case would mean to redesign the game rather than just port it.

Funny that

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Intrepid3554d ago

Better than expected, actually.

zypher3554d ago

is this confirmation that EA's going to focus more on quirky Wii Play-like games, and ditch the hardcore? also, how well does third party games do the Wii? last i noticed PS360 (third-party) games still sell noticeably more than Wii stuff.

jlytle12343554d ago

no, they still have to put out recycled sports games for 360 and ps3 to pay the bills.

Ghoul3554d ago

afaik ea is allready turning its back on the hardcore market and producing mainly mobile games, sloppy ports and sims expansions like there is no tomorrow

BobTable4Four3554d ago

Yeah, because titles like Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, Spore, and Warhammer don't mean a damn thing to hardcore gamers.

If you're gonna try to make a point, try to back it up with facts.

LinuxGuru3554d ago

I hate the Wii and what it's done to the videogame industry.

We, as a whole, are trying to make a logical progression into more story-based and life-like experiences that can touch people like no other medium of entertainment can.

Frankly, the Wii holds that back. It's done nothing for the industry but attract millions of soccer moms and hyper children.

Bah humbug.

jlytle12343554d ago

its freaking brilliant. release a console that bascially plays flash games. actually ive seen flash games that are better than wii games.

ItsDubC3554d ago

You act like everyone shares the same view as you regarding games. This is obviously not the case.

If "we" are indeed trying to progress gaming into more story-based titles, then why are Gran Turismo, Rock Band, and FPSs so popular? Why are Super Stardust HD, Mario Kart, and Burnout so popular if "we" are really shooting for life-like experiences?

You can glorify gaming however you want but at its core, games are about having fun. All the consoles offer games that are fun, and the Wii is no exception. Generalizing the Wii as a soccer mom and child magnet says more about you and your opinion than you may realize. I enjoy both my PS3 and Wii for what each offers me as a gamer, and don't have time to buy into FUD about a particular console holding back the industry because I clearly recognize the difference between "different" and "worse".

Speak for yourself.

Kratos Spartan3554d ago

The Wii is the first step of baby steps to push gaming into a fully interactive experience. Nintendo has always been the Lead Innovator in how we play our games.

shoulder buttons
And now, motion control

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