First screens of planes in Burnout Paradise

The dutch website PS3Life posted the first three screens of planes in Burnout Paradise

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Th3 Chr0nic3709d ago

Burnout is a really cool game but i just sont understand where planes fit into a game that is all about racing and roads.
will there be courses setup just for the planes??? how can cars and planes compete on the same playing field?

outlawlife3708d ago

could just be a freeburn thing where you just fly around, you don't necessarily need goals to have fun

i remember how much time i wasted on cruise mode in midtown madness 3 on original was just fun to cruise with your friends

but i do suspect that they will have air races or some sort of thing set up

deeznuts3708d ago

Will they drop 360's out of the planes a la blackwater??

wolfehound223708d ago

Very interesting will be cool to see if they can implement this well. I don't believe that plains are meant for a racing game, but criterion haven't let me down yet with this game.

QuackPot3708d ago

is what Criterion should be making with the knowledge they have gotten from Paradise. Or some new IP using vehicles and a large map.

Just imagine Black 2 with usable vehicles(air/land), destructible environment and a huge sandbox gameplay. Damn, that game would kick serious a**ses

Please bring it Criterion, u classy developer u.

Th3 Chr0nic3708d ago

sorta kinda like Mercenaries...which is going to kick assss2sss

rbanke3708d ago

To add to that, I would say Between how awesome Burnout Paradise is, and how highly they are supporting their product makes me want to support whatever they're next project is going to be. Many dev's could take a page from their book.

Sangria3708d ago

So it wasn't a joke?? ROFLMAO XD

Dom63903708d ago

did anyone notice the oncoming in the plane
how on earth or in sky (haha) do u get oncoming in a plane where there are no roads
i think its a fake

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The story is too old to be commented.