Xbox Live Arcade Summer Release Calendar Announced

Wondering when Castle Crashers, Bionic Commando Braid and Galaga Legions are hitting Xbox Live? Wonder no longer.

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Montrealien3644d ago

Great news, one great game a week and the entry to the draw for simply trying them is not too bad either.

dannyhinote_133644d ago

Yeah. I always like free stuff. :P
The only game I'm probably not going to purchase in Bionic Commando...and maybe not Galaga. But they're bringing some quality stuff before the Fall crush of games.

xm15e2s3644d ago

It's almost peanut butter and jelly time!

outlawlife3644d ago

i've been waiting for castle crashers for a long looks very fun

Svtcobrastang3644d ago

My god why the long wait for castle crashers...i've been waiting for that game for what seems like forever.

Unreal29013644d ago

I wish psn would have regular top games like these on a regular basis you lucky xbots.

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