Effects of a FF7 remake writes:"If Final Fantasy VII got remade exclusively for the Playstation 3, what effect will it have on the market? First of all it will make everyone forget about FFXIII and all those Xbox 360 fans that wanted FFXIII on their system will suddenly change their minds. A FFVII remake will be gigantic and a HUGE system seller. FF7 remake is one of the most wanted games this generation."

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PenisaurisDix3640d ago

This is childish one-upmanship and a foolish question. How can a remake of a title from the 1990s be a "HUGE" system seller. I don't understand any of this.

Remakes play strong in the market due their cult status / nostalgia status. But how on earth do you expect a "remake" to make people "ignore, forget, abandon" the upcoming "NEW" Final Fantasy ???!

People like their movies to be new. If I went to see The Dark Knight and it was just a film print of Batman from 1990 with 2008 special effects added, I'd probably be pissed.

Final Fantasy is a beloved staple of the hardcore audience. FF7 remake is not going to sell bathroom scales like the Wii does.

Before I get flamed by FF7 lovers , let me tell you I am playing FF7 right now * for the first time * on PSP. I like the game alot and it's cool. I'll probably watch Advent Children again as it'll make more sense to me.

juuken3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Maybe because your post was just plain stupid.

FF7 was considered to be the BIGGEST game on the Playstation 1. If Square actually considers a remake and lives up to the Sony bundles the game...then it would be HUGE, bigger than FFXIII going to the 360.

But then again, there are chances where Square would probably screw it up so...

Think about before you open your mouth.

Obama3640d ago

Well, for one, Final fatansy 7 is the most popular game on earth, and it appeals to gamers of all ages not just kids who have not reached their puberty. (halo3?)
Therefore the remake of a masterpiece would be huge. Huge. :)

theKiller3640d ago

of a remake of FF7! that will be huge!! also a huge slap to MS face!
they should fork out 20-50 million to make this remake the best remake ever made!

zo6_lover273640d ago

FF7 is one of the biggest games of all time, and if you understood the glory of FF7, you would understand why it would be a system seller, everyone who was going to get FF13 for 360 would go and get the ps3 instead.

FF7 for psp? There is no FF7 for psp? There is Crisis Core: FF7, a prequel to FF7 on psp though.

MAiKU3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

The game made people buy dirge of Cerberus. If it had the power to do that, why wouldn't it be able to sell a system seller?

And the only way you could play ff7 on the psp is if it was offered from the psn.... which it isn't sadly.

kydrice3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

"let me tell you I am playing FF7 right now * for the first time * on PSP"

That is exactly what is your problem. You don't have a history in FF7, To you it's just a old, outdated, blocky, obsolete game but to many of us back in 97 FF7 was a HUGE leap forward, before then RPGs were still 2d sprites and some were still playing Super Nintendo. FF7 gave us fluid rpgs with great graphics a huge world map, great story, great characters, the best bad guy of all time, CG cutscenes, a battle system with great depth and overall was such a milestone that it changed gaming and boosted the PS1 to overwhelming popularity. You can't compare movies to videogame remakes. Many of us feel that FF7 was way ahead of it's time and that it deserves to have a make-over in a way that it always meant to look like. No matter what you or anyone says FF7 IS the BEST series in the franchise. So before you go waltzing in arrogantly thinking you know everything about FF7 and that it doesn't deserve this or that just remember that you haven't even played it yet. YES that's right even if you are are playing it right now, many such as myself have played the game dozens of times over, I am pretty much a walking, talking, breathing strategy guide. You? you're just a rookie.

EDIT: Oh and you can play FF7 on the PSP you just need to..."do something special" to it to be able to play PS1 games.

cloud3603640d ago

well i wud defntly abondon ff13 for ff7

i dont care. ffx was the last good one and its getting worse now

soiwud defintly buy a ps3 for ff7!!!!!!!!!

SnakeShady3640d ago

have you ever played FF7?

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NewSchoolGamer3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

but there might be a spin-off. The effects of this would be HUGE.

NOTE: SQ does not want to announce a ff7 spin-off or whatever because that would take attention off of FF13

Montrealien3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I think there will be one, the assets are there. They will simply never announce it before FF 13 is done and out imho.

your edit beat me to it ;D

DViOUS1ONE3640d ago

Maybe after FFXIII and Versus comes out, but a spin off well likely be in place and hopefully not as terrible as Dirge

sinncross3640d ago

a ff7 remake would take attention away from FF13... not a spin-off.

Tony240ZT3640d ago

Dirge was a good game, just not what hard core RPG players wanted. I would still suggest people play it. The FMW cut scenes are amazing, and the story wasn't half bad. It wasn't FF stand alone RPG quality, but I don't think it was meant to be that.

blue1253640d ago

i iz only buy plasyation for ffvii if sephiroth is in it

iamtehpwn3640d ago

Remember, Genesis (Gackt, which it would be weird, the guy to be the successor of Sephiroth is the incarnation of a Jpop star) is still floating out there, saying "It's not over yet".

"Even though My end nigh...
Nothing shall forestall my return"

Also, FFVII-2 would allow them to make some changes to the original gameplay, which wouldn't be bad. I would like some features from X, Like Swapping character's mid combat, or X-2 Faster paced, or XII's ability to see enemies.

vasilisk3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

SE is proving to be kind of stupid these days. As a company it's focus is to make as more money as possible. So FFXIII on x360 is a rational decision for them given the overall more sales and the money that MS paid them to release it on x360.
But FFVII is a different story. Everything with the name FFVII that they released so far has earned them a s*itload of money. By now they must surely know that if they make a remake of FFVII, it's going to get them more way (and I mean WAY) more sales than SO4, Last remnant and Uninfinite Discovery combined together. However they seem quite a stuborn bunch lately as if they don't want our money...

gaffyh3640d ago

This is like the millionth FF7 remake speculation story. Just wait until August 2-3 and seeif something is announced now. No point speculating anymore, you only have to wait a few days.

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Any other effects this may have? Yes, it will suck my wallet dry. If an FF7 remake came to the PS3, I would honestly buy everything FF7 that was for the PS3, controller, system, game, collectors game, everything you can think of. The amount of money that could be made off of a hardcore FF7 fan like me could be an easy 7 bills, and I'm sure there is more than just one person who would do this...(currently fighting materia keeper)

The author of the article said that "Japan would explode!" LOL WTF???

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Montrealien3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

I can`t agree with this, I agree that a remake will be a great thing however I just can`t accept the fact that it will by the biggest system seller out there, surely not as big as MGS4 imho. The (points) he bring`s up in this article are as fanboy as they come also, the end of the console war? Because of a FF7 remake?

I may be one of the romantics here that wishes for the console market to be in high competition all the time to ensure quality products for all of us, but I can`t agree with this kind of crap, I won`t even bother with the other points.

Would a well done FF7 remake be good, HELL YES! Tt just won`t cause reality to implode sadly.

Silellak3640d ago

I agree. FF7 was an awesome game, especially for its time, but the only people really demanding a remake are the hardcore fans.

Most hardcore fans will likely get a PS3 in the long run, regardless of any FF7 remake. I don't think too many casual gamers are gathering in hordes to demand it.

RealityCheck3640d ago

Also, those fans should be careful what they wish for. Given Square-Enix current trend they would be just as likely to announce a FFVII remake and spin-off... for the 360.

cloudman3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Final Fantasy VII © COPYRIGHT 1997 Made Me cRy

lynchjuk3638d ago

Please tell me how MGS4 is a bigger system seller than Final Fantasy VII. MGS4 has so far sold 3 million units worldwide. You can bet your house that if square confirm this game it will sell at least 5 million units worldwide. You have the fans who played the orignal who are more than likey going to buy the game and the rest who want to know what the hypes about.

This would make square-enix and sony so much money. I loved metal gear solid 4 but it canlt compete with ff7. no way

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NewSchoolGamer3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

but the gap between the xbox360 and PS3 would be ALOT and I mean ALOT smaller.

Captain Tuttle3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

If it was exclusive to the 360? It would never happen but it would be comedy.

LuvBurger3640d ago

Since I picked up an Elite this weekend.

Vinny Cafone Jr

Captain Tuttle3640d ago

I don't like JRPG's. But the internet would explode.