Dead Rising: Compare 'til you drop (360 vs. Wii)

Nintendo Wii Fanboy writes: "There may be a dearth of actual Dead Rising: Chop 'Til You Drop screens, but we've been pretty rich in print media on the re-imagined game so far. The latest, from a French Nintendo magazine, show off some different angles from some of the scenes we've already seen, such as the psycho battle in the gun store.

There's been some concern that there just won't be as many zombies in the Wii version -- and the number of zombies is pretty much the crux of the game -- but considering we're seeing screens from early in the game, it isn't that surprising that there aren't that many zombies. Until we see screenshots from a cramped area like the nightmarish Al Fresca plaza, we won't really be able to judge how much, if any, the game has been downgraded in that sense. We've put together a couple of comparison shots after the break that demonstrate that there's more to be hopeful about than many had thought."

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Xi3707d ago

In the 360 version.

Product3707d ago

Sorry if you make a Nintendo game.....please dont port it.This game looks like trash compared too the xbox version.Sad because of have seen way better graphics on the wii then in these pics.

theusedfake3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

a dead rising "survivor" haha
it IS capcom after all.

La Chance3707d ago

Wii and not PS3 ?

Lost Planet went to PS3 , I was expecting the same for Dead rising.

Voiceofreason3707d ago

more sales? Wii does have a much bigger install base. NOw you know how xbox and cube owners felt last gen when the inferior PS2 got every game almost even though they would have looked better on the more powerful consoles.

Fox013707d ago

I guess they're doing this for the easy $$$. They probably thought about it "Wii -very cheap dev costs and poissibility to earn lots of cash"

or "PS3 -expensive dev costs, very complicated hardware and even if there's a possibility to earn some little cash, it's not worth the trouble"

"So we all agree, this is going to the Wii then"
"why did we make a 360 version to begin with and why aren't we releasing this on the DS?"

Gam713707d ago

Except voiceofreason it was very clear that the gc and xbox was superior.

This gen not so much if at all.

In fact it's been mostly hype

Voiceofreason3707d ago

@gam71. It is obvious that Wii is inferior to PS3 and 360. I own one and I love it but there is no denying that.

Gam713707d ago


Well yes you're right about the wii

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TOSgamer3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Only a few scabs that crossed the picket line running around the Wii mall.

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The story is too old to be commented.