Prepare for your Sony Experience with Sarcastic Gamer wrote a hilarious satire of what it's like to be a PS3 owner.

From the article: "As a tri-console owner, meaning that I own an Xbox 360, PS3, and a Wii, I feel like I'm getting the best of every world. For those that haven't picked up a "next-gen" console or "current-gen" for all of you "gen" snobs, you may want to know what the heck you're getting yourself into.

So, here I am to save the day. Click the jump to learn everything you'll ever need to know about being a Sony PS3 owner. Check back tomorrow so I can prepare you for your Nintendo Experience.


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GamerSigma3643d ago

This is what I love about Sarcastic gamer.

Andronix3642d ago

The article is tongue-in-cheek - so no need to take it too seriously.
But one line that sticks out is "finding someone online that has a mic is like discovering a unicorn." I have to agree this is funny because it often true. I bought my PS3 on the UK launch day, and bought a bluetooth headset in advance to play online. What I dont understand is how people can go to the trouble of buying an expensive HDTV, a PS3 which isnt cheap yet, and not bother paying out peanuts for the sake of a cheap headset? Why not?! You cant talk tactics or anything. Maybe Sony should include a cheap bluetooth/ or USB wired headset in the box of every PS3. That will solve the problem.

Overr8ed3643d ago

i agree with the Mic problem... finding someone with it is scarce compared to Live.

zo6_lover273643d ago

I can find people with mics real easy.

TheColbertinator3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Mmmm mmm mmm That picture always makes me angry.My PS3 can play movies,walk my dog,grill my steak,mow my lawn and I heard it can also play games.

Bangladesh3643d ago

Steven Colbert would in no way shape or form be a Sony fan.

Sonics0203643d ago

How did this get approved. Is this news?

Mr Fancy Pants3643d ago

the same way this one got approve too...

Prepare for your Microsoft Experience with Sarcastic Gamer

MUNKYPOO3643d ago

lono is a total fanboy. on his article on xbox, he only talked about the reliability issue and then talked about some positive stuff. but here he slams the ps3 and doesnt mention anything good. i guess this is what happens when you have fanboys write articles

JSA-Gamer3643d ago

I don't know if he is a fanboy, but i think the article is meant to be more satirical than factual... I guess what SG was saying is right... there are a lot of ps fanboys on these boards. :(

kindi_boy3643d ago


he is saying the xbox will break and break then break again then when you get it working microsoft will announce the successor lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.