Madden Curse Alive with Favre?

Is the Madden Curse Alive and Well?

Superstitions have always thrived in the world of sports. In particular, when an individual is singled out and honored (particularly in team sports), the paranoia reaches another level. Common examples of this include the Sports Illustrated cover curse, the Campbell's soup curse, and the Heisman trophy curse. In addition to these, we also have the Madden cover curse.

This year, Madden cover curse believers breathed a sigh of relief when it was revealed that EA picked the recently retired Brett Favre to grace the Madden NFL 09 cover. This was the first time that EA made this move, instead of using the hottest, up and coming NFL player.

Certainly a retired, future NFL hall of fame player would help give the curse a one year rest?


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DViOUS1ONE3705d ago

His curse will be so seat in the bench and be the second string QB watching Aaron Rodgers throw interceptions everygame

irchief3705d ago

how is this "curse" still running so strong

i call shenanigans