GameZone: MLB Power Pros 2008 Interview

2K Sports was once known solely for making realistic sports simulators. That changed with the release of The BIGS and Major League Baseball 2K8 Fantasy All-Stars, two rule-bending arcade-style baseball games that didn't take the sport too seriously. MLB Power Pros 2008 takes the sport in yet another direction – one that's quirkier and more lighthearted but wasn't designed to be anti-hardcore.

"The game has been a success in Japan for many, many years," said Rob Nelson, Producer of MLB Power Pros 2008, which is due this month for PS2 and Wii and will hit the DS this fall. "It's their best-selling and best-rated baseball game. We're really excited to have brought it over to North America for the second year and getting it out on DS for the first time."

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