You Can Not Kill Civilians In Far Cry 2, No Prone Either

Q&A with the producer of Far Cry 2 give's us some new info.

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THC CELL3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

No Prone thats bad
people will B!tch
it wont feel like a jungle game if u can't Prone

skynidas3586d ago

I wonder why you cant prone

wibble3586d ago

maybe the central character had a bad back from doing all that motion capture in Crysis.

Ghoul3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

well most console games get theyre prone ability cut or left out, dont ask why its just a trend.

JsonHenry3586d ago

No prone sounds like a constraint due to consoles being developed for as well. The death of the Rainbow Six franchise started with no prone too, due to consoles.

I can't wait till consoles make the leap to using a keyboard and mouse like combo. Then they will no longer be the restraining factor when doing multi-plat games.

Martini3586d ago

What the hell are you blabling about ?? No prone has nothing to do with consoles or the game pad especially.COD 4 has prone, BFBC developers decided against prone as it would make the snipers invisible and affect the ballance of the gameplay. No prone decisions are based purely on gameplay and have nothing to do with controls.

Milky3586d ago

I think this will be the most disappointing game of 2008.

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THC CELL3586d ago

i blame............... x box yes lack of cd space and its limits
this game is dumbed down to x box standards

Telling u games should be exclusive to ps3 and pc now days

x box is one big fat lie

THWIP3586d ago

I suppose that explains why Resistance:FoM didn't have prone, and there's been no indication that R2 or Killzone 2 will either.


morganfell3586d ago

RFOM didn't hype realism as one of it's features. No more than did HALO. The difference here was the pounding from the developers about their high degree of replicated real world accuracy. Enjoy sniping while standing or kneeling. Enjoy recon on a target...not.

The issue of collateral damage is one of the most important pieces of planning in modern warfare. Contrary to the liberal media, it is a very real concern for the military and often allows a rag tag group of ill trained militants to utilize that factor as a means of holding off a superior, better armed and better trained force. Target discrimination is part of any great military shooter.

The fact these two items are missing just reduced this game to a pretty version of Soldier of Fortune.

Rhezin3586d ago

ps3 has no good games, and will never have any good games except for killzone 2. That's it buddy that's all you got to look forward too. 360 is the lead console thesse days and developers are seeing that. Its over dude. It is over

San anto3586d ago

thank god your ridiculous comment is over D1ck

ThatCanadianGuy3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )


You would think since he only has one bubble he would be more constructive with it.

juuken3586d ago

...Please pick up your FAIL pass to board the next incoming FAIL train.
Thank you, and have a miserable day.

LinuxGuru3586d ago

LOL a game with sniper rifles + no prone (Battlefield: Bad Company and now Far Cry 2) = FAIL

Xi3586d ago

Unreal tourney

are all fail because you can't go prone?

LinuxGuru3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )


I can forgive the arena shooters because those are completely different and are fiction and fantasy / sci-fi - based.

However, any shooter game that claims to be realistic in any way, and doesn't let you go prone, is FAIL

Statix3586d ago

Since when was Counterstrike sci-fi/fantasy?

Ghoul3586d ago

Unreal tourney

well these are not really what farcry2 is. every single one of these (even counterstrike) are arena like games with a very fast pace and gameplay where prone would be totally obsolete and contraproductive.

farcry 2 is an open world game with huuge drawdistances, and not beeing able to go prone to nullify scope movement is a bit meh...

so its

arena games:
Unreal tourney

open world:
Operation Flashpoint
Battlefield 1/vietnam/2/2142 (even if the space is rather limited)
farcry 1
farcry 2

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Fishy Fingers3586d ago (Edited 3586d ago )

Prone Id really miss in a multiplayer game (Battlefield for example) but for a single player game I can go without. Killing civilians, well as long as there are plenty of bad guys to kill there's no problem for me there either.

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