Bit-Tech: WALL-E Review

In a way, it's disappointing because as the best computer animation company around, you'd expect Pixar to understand how best to convert a successful film into a successful game. Maybe if Pixar wrote games as well as it made films, Bit-Tech would be reviewing the best ever film-to-game conversion. Unfortunately, since the game is made by a licensee, it falls far short of what could have been achieved.

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Ron Zook3640d ago

Stop making bad games based on movies. Ron Zook played the demo of this game and with its horrific controls and incredibly stupid gameplay, along with the awful sound, and SNES graphics, Ron Zook wouldn't even bother to give this horrible turd of a game a 1/10. In fact, Ron Zook believes it should get a -10/10 and anyone that comes across this game in stores should immeditely piss on it.