New Resident Evil movie coming this year

MCV: Capcom and Sony Pictures tease fans with Resident Evil: Degeneration info

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dronde3674d ago

oh shlt i COULDN'T wait for the next Resident Evil movie. I thought it would have take longer. I hope it is here by XMAS.

hay3674d ago

Europe left at the end again. And I wanted to give my cash to Capcom this year...

SeanScythe3674d ago

It's CGI meaning it's not the same, I enjoyed the current story with the movies. I wish it was more like the first one but oh well.

outlawlife3674d ago

i'm kind of burned out on resident evil movies honestly

avacadosnorkel3674d ago

but I actually liked the third movie more than the first so I dig it.

Closing3674d ago

Looks cheesy like the hollywood bombs from the trailer I saw.

RE5 on the other hand will be unstoppable! Easily goty 09 for me.

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