Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 boots Mass Effect 3 off Xbox One backwards compatibility vote

GameZone: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has replaced Mass Effect 3 in the running for backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. As this is a vote to see which games Microsoft should push towards being available on the Xbox One through the new backwards compatibility feature, your vote matters."

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Septic1242d ago

My days...who voted for MW3?? Such a shoddy game compared to MW2 and even Black Ops 2. /facepalm

4Sh0w1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

Well the voting is skewed:

-Smart voters wont vote for stuff like Halo Reach and Gears3 because we know them being 1st party games means they are sure to be BC at some point.

-COD games are the most popular overall so given that BC includes playing online with 360 people want to connect with friends slow to make the switch
*AND* many expect greedy Activision to be the most stubborn against BC, if only for. the slight chance of selling their own *definitive collection, otherwise they could make some lesser sales of BC.

Septic1242d ago

Good points actually.I hope MW2 gets the BC treatment.

Loadedklip1242d ago (Edited 1242d ago )

I disagree. I think MW3 did a lot of good things. Specialist was amazing for rushers. Support was good for casuals. The weapons had a good balance for pub matches. Kill confirm was again one of the best new additions to the series. They also changed the kill streaks to points streaks to give credit to objective based goals.

MW3 actually have many good to great changes in the series. Combine that with Infinity Wards superior net code n hit detection in comparison to Treach ... it was a good Call of Duty game.




mmm really??

CerebralAssassin1242d ago

The only thing that matters is the hit detection which is why I'll always prefer an infinity ward over treyarch or sledgehammer. Nothing pisses me off more than shooting someone in the face on AW and I get a hit marker or not hit at all.

LexHazard791242d ago

I liked MW3 as well better than ME3 anyways.

Loadedklip1242d ago

@ CerebralAssassin .... agree. First thing I want is give me a game with good hit detection and netcode. That is the first and most important thing for FPS shooter as a public online player.

The infinite ward games all have this better than Treyarch's CoD games and Sledgehammer's first solo CoD.

Really hoping Treyarch fixes their issues with Black Ops 3. They do have great ideas themselves and have created some amazing maps in the past but without good hit detection and netcode/lag compensation ... it can practically make all their pluses become worthless.


UP until IW was IW (talking MW2) yes I would agree about the netcode, but starting from MW3 that had some of the worst netcode of any of the cod games.

from mw3 onwards it has been really really crap in general and I would not put one over the other in terms of how bad the code has got.

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wakeNbake1242d ago

Yeah I would say thats the worst COD by far even Ghosts had more redeeming qualities.

NarooN1242d ago

My thoughts exactly. Out of all the CoD games they could've chosen, they pick MW3?? It was easily the worst CoD ever made until Ghosts came along.

ThunderPulse1242d ago

ME3 should be #1 on the list.

JeffGUNZ1241d ago

Just give me COD4MW please.

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BlackPanther1242d ago

Activision should just allow all their games to be there. They probably won't do a collection and this will boost some sales for them. Why say no to more money.

Unreal011242d ago

Erm. They probably will do a collection lol.

That's their more money right there, hence not a single Call of Duty game will be backwards compatible. It's Activision.

lovethenoob1242d ago

this is also my question, its nice being part of the preview program but the list hasnt grown since E3 for BC games

n4rc1242d ago

ugh.. really?

mw3 suuuucked.... lol.. i want bioshock and thats about it, is that even on the list?

Unreal011242d ago

I'd love to go through the first Bioshock game again, such good times.

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