Best Gaming Chairs For PS4 And Xbox One

Sometimes, the classic couch just does not seem to tackle your necessities when interested in a long gaming session. When the seat is the last inconvenient in enjoying the game, you certainly consider getting rid of this issue. From this point of view, the best gaming chairs for PS4 and Xbox One are supposed to be solid, comfortable and perhaps enhanced with a few gaming features. This is the time to skip that boring couch or recliner and stick to the real thing.

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Dark-Funeral820d ago (Edited 820d ago )

I have never liked the gaming chairs !! i tried one

after an hour, sitting on the chair was a pain in the A$$

Ocsta820d ago

Good luck owning one of these when you have a wife concerned with the aesthetics of her living room.

morganfell820d ago

My wife actually purchased one for me. I bring out a rubber pad, place it over the expensive rug on the hardwoods so I do not damage anything, put the gaming rocker on it and have a blast. When I am done I put the chair back in the closet in my man cave. Takes 15 seconds each way.

raggy-rocket820d ago

I dunno, I think the Ottoman and the cohesion would fit the aesthetic of a living room

LightofDarkness820d ago

DX Racing are the only quality chair on that list. Those others are more for teenagers and their bedrooms.

level 360820d ago

Recaro car seats would probably be the best.

medman820d ago

My favorite gaming chair is the one that holds my scotch glass most securely.