Ka-ching! Sears cashing in on Xbox LIVE cards wrote: We've been tipped off by a mysterious figure known only as ironfist74 (or, er, Brian) on the subject of Sears, who're currently selling Xbox LIVE points cards at an unreasonably high price. What is it with huge corporations and sticking vacuum cleaners in our pockets every time we make a reasonable request?

For that price in full and some comparisons with competitive stores (and a lot of unnecessary math) hit the jump."

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JasonXE3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

We are all idiots who try out best to get it right lol. In pricing, we just scan the barcode and it gives us a sticker to put it on the product. There is a good chance something goes wrong (clearance, etc) and we won't give a f*** b/c we are paid minimum wage. It's not until someone complains at the cashier that we got told off, thinking we should be bless to have it. If you ask us a question, we do three things

1. We know what your asking for and try to help
2. We don't know and ask sosmeone else.
3. we lie

Honestly, it's a big ass store that we never want to comeback too. Glad I quit and don't go to sears!!

Capt CHAOS3617d ago

Check how many times is says 5 dollars, Sears and Target. Ok, Ok, we get the point. Just say it in a couple of lines. Don't buy the XBLA MS Point cards from Sears and Target.


deeznuts3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

It's called a free market. Since MS didn't place a monetary denomination on the card, they're free to charge whatever they want.

How ridiculous would it be to charge $25 for a $20 card. But for points? They certainly can. And those that know, will just buy from elsewhere. Me? I've never bought a card, but I know I won't buy it there!

JoelR3617d ago

Sears will price match the cards ....