Bungie Play it Safe writes: Is it just me or was the recent revelation that Bungie Studios will be announcing a Halo prequel very disappointing? Are gamers really ready for another installment with Halo 3 still fresh in our minds? Sure the Halo franchise has been great ride. I'll be the first to admit I played and won them all with 24 hours of their release dates. But I can't help but wish that Bungie, newly separated from Microsoft Game Studios (MGS), would put their immense talent into developing a new intellectual property. Something we have never seen before. They are basically the forefathers of the modern day first person shooter on consoles. With so much creative talent one can only imagine what other pet projects they have on the backburner or filed away in desk somewhere. While Bungie claims to have 3 projects in the queue, it is quite telling that the only one that gamers have latched onto is another Halo game.

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donator3672d ago

"[T]hey are basically the forefathers of the modern day first person shooter."

As far as I'm concerned, Half-Life is the forefather of MODERN day first person shooters.

Xi3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Marathon paved the way for today's FPS's, half life even copied many of the same puzzle and the health system from Marathon.

Marathon was the first FPS to have voice chat, dual wielding, multi-tied levels, a level editor, secondary weapon functions, puzzles and mission objectives, ambient ai and an assortment of other things.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33672d ago

Really though, I was never sold on BUNGIE. They showed some potential w/ the first 2 Halo's but you can't tell me Halo3 did the series or the hardware justice. And that's the general consensus w/ most people I know.

Halo is the Hack n Slash of FPS. Its a twitch shooter. MS an BUNGIE don't care about innovating it, they don't want to alienate the fans, but that will alienate the hardcore gamers.

supahbad3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

@1.1 he said on consoles, just read the next two words(srry i didn't know he changed it)

@1.2 didn't you say that yesterday?

but i agree, let MS inhouse studios takeover Halo. i want something else from bungie. and let it go multiplat please. i know i will get a lot of flak for that but i hope they decide to work on the ps3 even if MS tries to stop it

Jinxstar3672d ago

Xi just FYI the thing that Bungie did was make FPS control schemes work for consoles. It was the first game to perfect it. The health system and puzzles were truly nothing compared to games that had come before and nothing original. The reason it is so highly acclaimed is because Combat Evolved made the controls work and did it very well. Hence why halo was so praised. Now it is just a "Cash Cow"

orakga3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

...and I'm very happy to see that some people actually understand why Halo was an important game for the console industry. "Combat EVOLVED" was the most befitting sub-title for that game; it truly was evolution. (btw, the regenerating shield concept was also new, wasn't it?)

Most of the time, when I ask people "Why was Halo so successful?", their answer is "Because it sold millions!"

Riiight... where do these people learn to think?


BTW can someone confirm that Halo was the first game with regenerating shields/health? I don't recall seeing that in Marathon, but that might be because I only played the first two. My memory is kinda hazy...

zethos563672d ago

I think it was the first. But if I'm wrong it's the one that popularized it.

Jinxstar3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Regenerating health was new for a FPS(Probably... I can't really recall any before but wouldn't be surprised to find one though) but not to gaming in general... Take for example "Wolverine: Adamantium Rage." I think that might have truly been the first, albeit way slower, form of innactive regeneration in gaming... That was a SNES game...

Montrealien3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Xi said Marathon, not Halo. Just thought I would clear that one up.

Halo was really a giant leap for console shooters though. And you can milk anything imho, as long as the milk is good.

Playstation Man3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

When Killzone 2 is released and owns every other FPS' ass?

Honestly, Bungie's unorganized mess of a story in Halo 3 proved to me they're not truly as in love with the universe that they've made as they say they are. Halo 3 was an expansion of what makes Halo great but felt underwhelming in the face of the hype both on the casual market side and hardcore interest side.

That said, I think it's safe to say that Halo 4, as quickly as they're hitting now, would be a cash-cow. I'm surprised though that some people don't point the obvious that the same COULD be said about HL2 and its multiple episodes. Just saying...

PS360PCROCKS3671d ago

ON CONSOLES donator, nice try though.

Superfragilistic3671d ago

Nice try mate! lol

I agree with your sentiments on Half Life, but don't take the quote out of context. ;)

"They are basically the forefathers of the modern day first person shooter ON CONSOLES."

Milky3671d ago

They are doing another Halo because microsoft told them to. Microsoft need a big hitter.

Skizelli3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I can't speak for all, but for me and MANY of my friends, Halo was/is popular because we could all sit around multiple TVs and play together over linked Xbox's. With Combat Evolved, it was personal and extremely fun with all your buddies around you. Pretty much everything you would expect out of a LAN party. I think when Halo 2 introduced LIVE play, it lost that. Sure, you could play with your buddies over LIVE at any time, but it wasn't personal anymore. The magic was gone. Not to mention you got to see how crude the Halo community really is - full of tweens and teenagers who think they're God's gift to Halo. And everyone's a tough guy.

plenty a tool3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

only halo is approaching it's fourth installment! no other game or any other game character has seen so many games???? it's shocking that microsoft would continue to make games from a massively selling and popular franchise, when sony and nintendo only make original games everytime and never use sequels, known characters or titles..

i see your point totally!

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SickNote3672d ago

The 360 world would not have allowed them to do anything else...

Fiona3672d ago

Halo is where the money so I cant blame them for doing another halo. But yes I would really like Bungie to work on something else, new IP, they are a great developers with a lot of potential and creativity.

MasterChief28293672d ago

Bungie is working on 3 projects, one of which Mattrick said is a new Halo Game. They didn't say if it was a sequel or prequel, or if it was the superintendent announcement. He just said they decided not to show it at the press conference (which was not when the superintendent was scheduled to be revealed)

GCNSeanFoster3672d ago

Nobody (MS or Bungie) ever said anything about a prequel... except that sarcastic gamer site. Does this dude actually think the story was real?

blade2063672d ago

is halo all they can do wtf

StormSurfer3672d ago

yeah, that is pretty much sad..bungie should make a oni squel instead of continuing with that garbage which is halo.

KBDuB3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

It sells. Why not?

Playstation Man3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

the old WWE theme music for the Million-Dollar Man kicks in, repeating itself in my mind every time I read a new article about Bungie's next Halo.

"Money, Money, Money, Money, Moneeeey, Money"

*ba-ba-ban, ba-ba-ban*

"Everyone's got a price"

Ah hell, it's my new theme music for the entire XBOX Brand!