Pocketgamer Reviews - Bruce Lee: Iron Fist

Pocketgamer Writes: "There was once a time when all video games could be pretty easily separated into a few simple categories. Fighting, driving, shooting and the odd platformer and sports game. Nowadays it's a bit more complex - what with oddities such as Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? and Sex on the Floor making it more than a bit tough to lump games into one particular genre. Not if you want to be kind, that is, and avoid saying they belong to the 'crap' genre.

Back then, there wasn't so much that stood one game out from another. So a side-scrolling fighter generally used a left button, a right one, jump and crouch and punch and kick. (We were easily pleased.)

Despite the fact that Bruce Lee: Iron Fist uses considerably more buttons than that, the fact it's a 2D fighter instantly warps us back to playing an arcade cabinet down the local chip shop. It simply gives you five fighters - one of which is the legendary Bruce of course - and lets you slug it out in a button-mashing contest between them all. Old-skool indeed."

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