WorthPlaying Review - 'Final Fantasy IV'

WorthPlaying writes: "Final Fantasy IV has always been one of my favorite games. I recall playing it on the SNES, when it was called Final Fantasy II and featured a rather goofy translation, Nintendo-inspired censorship and a dumbed-down difficulty level from the Japanese version. At the time, I didn't care about any of that and simply found myself engrossed in a really fun game. If there is one title to blame for my love of RPGs, it would have to be Final Fantasy IV. Even now, a full 17 years after its original release, I can still pick up Final Fantasy IV and enjoy it as much as I did when I was a wee youngling. Final Fantasy IV DS is the latest in a string of re-releases of this title from Square Enix, and the most ambitious to date, with new plot elements, updated 3-D graphics and a revamped battle system. The good news is that after all of these changes, it's still Final Fantasy IV, and that means it is one of the most enjoyable RPGs on the market, no matter what the form."

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