Life With PlayStation by the end of the month?

During E3 we were promised that Life With Playstation, Sony's all encompassing, all seeing Globe of Goodness will hit our PS3s before the end of the month. Well, the month ends on Thursday, so will we be seeing another minor firmware update this week, or will Life just slip onto our Stores like a greasy bar of soap?

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KillahCam3706d ago

I dont really care about this program/software they should be putting more time into Home!

-EvoAnubis-3706d ago

I'm looking forward to this. My brother has a Wii, and it's sometimes nice just checking out the news feeds and whatnot. PS Life adding video to that could provide a lot of info for those that like to stay informed of the world around them. I can easily see myself checking this every morning.

beavis4play3706d ago

i really don't need this. i use my pc for that stuff. now if "quest for booty" or "home" would be out by the end of the month.....i'm there.

jamenees3706d ago

I am anxiously awaiting this as well. I think its one of them things that once we get used to having it, we won't be able to turn our ps3's on without checking it out first.

I like all this weird little stuff sony keeps giving us. I like folding at home, i like the information board, sometimes I spend a lotta time just organising my video and photo section. If it's lame, i don't care...I spent a lot of money on my ps3 and I (hope) to get everything out of it i can.

Especially if it's free!.

chaosatom3705d ago

for guys like me.

and I actually excited about this.

More features gives me a better ps3.

Milky3705d ago

So thats 31/7/09 for europeans ?

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Overr8ed3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

hmmm... greasy bar of soap. it doesnt matter how they give us it just as long as we get it, BTW tell me if you are planning to use Life with PS, i want to know how much ppl are willing to use it.

jlytle12343706d ago

I plan on using it. I use the browser daily and i like to be informed on the news of the world.

buckethead_X3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Who really cares? I'm sure this will be good for something, and I wouldn't mind this if stuff wasn't getting delayed. Their most important new software is getting delayed and they decide to emulate the Wii's news? I would also like them to work more on real updates. Some more cross-game features would be awesome. I'm not sure, maybe it will be ok. I'll have to wait before passing judgement, I 'spose :)

Raoh3706d ago

i too would constantly check the news on the wii news channel after or prior to playing a game...

all this also i hope leads to better and more in game weather conditions controlled by real time weather.

apoc6153706d ago

Will it be delayed,like everything else has been going lately.

-EvoAnubis-3706d ago

It's sucked! I mean, the Burnout update got delayed, the video store got delayed, the PJ Eden demo got delayed, in-game XMB which was supposed to be here in the summer got delayed . . . it's been a mess!

*gets handed a note*

Wha.....? All of these things came out exactly when they were supposed to come out? You mean they DIDN'T get delayed at all? So, you mean this apoc guy has NO CLUE what he's talking about?

Wow, amazing.

midgetsanx3706d ago

I thought you were serious until the last bit. xD Nice one.

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The story is too old to be commented.